Evening Activities

Epic Evening Programming!

After spending all day with their friends in specialties, electives and cabins, the evenings are a time for the whole camp to come together and enjoy awesome activities. Pali Adventures provides our campers with an exciting evening activity every night of the summer. If you ask our campers, many of them will tell you it’s the highlight of their day, and their favorite thing about Pali.

A dedicated evening programming staff spends the entire day preparing for the night's events - planning, gathering required materials, decorating, putting together staff assignments, liaising with staff and either hosting or facilitating each event. These are people whose sole job is to make each night at Pali more epic than the last!

Our evening activities have a loose 2-week rotation, and at least one night a week we split into two separate activities - one for the older campers and one for the younger ones. We always begin each week with a welcome campfire put on by our fabulous counselors, giving the campers a chance to meet them and see their unique and funny talents! Every week you can expect to enjoy our Rock Star Showcase, Midnight Delight, the Pali Showcase, and the Pali Dance (with a changing weekly theme), and we'll mix it up with all our camper's other favorites!

Mimic Mania

Imitate your favorite rock and pop stars at Mimic Mania. As a cabin you will choreograph a dance routine to your favorite song, create crazy costumes and rock out on stage in front of camp. This is a great night, not only to cheer on your fellow campers, but also to listen to great music while hanging with friends, old and new.

Counselor Auction

As a cabin, you'll bid for an evening with your favorite counselor! You could be having a pool party, making s'mores, busting out some karaoke, having a game of night paintball, baking cupcakes, chilling in the teen lounge, or watching a movie. The counselors will offer up their talents, then it’s up to your cabin to outbid rival cabins and secure your favorite counselor or activity.


This is a hilarious game show that really has to be seen to be understood or believed! Racing, water balloons, whipped cream, war cries, surprise challenges and unpredictable game show hosts!

Color Chaos

A massive hit with our older campers last summer, this jazzed-up sports night begins with an awesome color war, then the games begin! Campers split into assigned teams (each a different color), come up with team chants and compete in sports like quidditch, soccer and dodgeball.


How much can you possibly do with a banana?? You'd be surprised! Campers split into teams, each with their own mascot banana, and have to accomplish tasks with it to get points! With goals like "give your banana a makeover", "make your banana photobomb", "have your banana make an announcement on the camp loudspeaker" and many more - you can see how this night quickly becomes a hilarious and competitive challenge.

Mr. and Mrs. Pali

This is a beauty pageant like no other. The lovely ladies strutting their stuff down the catwalk, sharing their talents and entertaining all of camp are not exactly ladylike – in fact, they are Pali’s male counselors. And their masculine counterparts? They are the female counselors. It’s up to the campers to “make over” these counselors for this hilarious night of "fashion."

Casino Night

It’s Viva Las Pali! The aim of the night? To amass as much wealth as possible for your cabin as you compete on your favorite casino games like black jack, poker, spoons, craps and other exciting games. Or you can try your luck on the human slot machines. Your winnings will come in handy later in the week.

Themed Dances

Every week of the summer we have a different theme, which culminates in our Thursday night Pali Dance. Week-in and week-out, this is our camper's favorite evening activity.

Rock Star Showcase

It's an epic live concert, featuring the talents of none other than our soon-to-be-famous Rock Star specialty campers. The whole camp gets to cheer on their musical friends as they perform the songs they've been working hard on all week.

The Pali Showcase

This is guaranteed to be run every Friday night, and is the culmination of a week of hard work.  With performances by the Dance Academy, Acting Academy, a runway show by the Fashion Institute and of course the premier of our Film Institutes Movies, this very unique night will truly knock your socks off!

Midnight Delight

We surprise our campers with a late-night buffet of sweet treats - but shhh!! Don't tell them - it's a surprise!

Sample 2-week Rotation

Week A

  • Monday - Bananarama/ Fear Factor, Pali World Records
  • Tuesday - Color Chaos/ Scavenger Hunt (Gold Rush)
  • Wednesday - Mimic Mania
  • Thursday - Showcase: Rockstar/ Dance/ Midnight Delight
  • Friday - Showcase: Acting, Dance, Fashion, Broadcasting, Film, Session Video
Week B
  • Monday - Casino Night
  • Tuesday - Teen Social/ Pandemonium, Counselor Auction
  • Wednesday - Miss Pali
  • Thursday - Showcase: Rockstar/ Dance/ Midnight Delight
  • Friday - Showcase: Acting, Dance, Fashion, Broadcasting, Film, Session Video