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Enrolled Parent's Center

See what's going on today at Pali!

Welcome to our Enrolled Parent's Center! Here you will gain access to all the wonderful features that are unique to enrolled parents. View photos of your camper's session, send them an email at camp, visit the Camp Store to send care packages, and reach our directors personally - it's all here. Remember, some of these areas of our website are password protected , so if you are enrolled and forget the password please feel free to contact us to get any updated information. In our Pali Portal you will get a glimpse into the activities that go on at Pali Adventures. We upload photos and videos daily throughout the summer! Enjoy!

Access Pali Portal

Access your camper's photos and videos, send messages, and keep up to date with your camper's experience at Pali.

Send your camper an email

We provide parents with the ability to send messages to their camper(s) via email. Parents with access to the Portal should use it to send a message. Anyone who does not have access to the portal but would like to send a message to a camper or counselor at camp should send emails to campmail@paliadventures.com, with the name of the recipient in the subject line. All emails received by 2 p.m. will be printed and distributed at dinner.

Send a Care package

Our camp store isn't quite ready for business yet for 2016, so check back again soon!

Travel Information:

Need help getting your camper to Pali? We provide transportation packages including bus transportation and airport pick up.

More Info

Contact Our Staff

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Below we have provided the contact information for each of our department leaders. We look forward to answering your questions.

Amy Walker

Parent Liaison and Assistant Director

(909) 867-5743 x215


Daniel Hammond


(909) 867-5743 x261