Best LGBTQ Friendly Summer Camp in Southern California

Every parent wants their kid to come back from summer camp inspired and motivated, and hopefully with plenty of new friends in tow! The best summer camps bring campers together in an inclusive, confidence-boosting environment.

However, if your child is part of the LGBTQ community, it can be tough identifying inclusive programs. As fun as a summer program may sound, how can you be sure your child will feel comfortable and confident starting on Day 1 of camp?

If you’re looking for the best LGBTQ-friendly summer camp, keep reading. The programs in this list are designed to bring out the best in every camper in a safe, supportive, and invigorating community.

CIT Leadership Program

Growing up in the LGBTQ community can be challenging. Many children may experience anxiety about fitting in with their peers. Others may feel uncomfortable taking up leadership positions or navigating conflict in a healthy, safe manner.

That’s why the CIT Leadership Program is ideal for these amazing campers! Through this program, teens develop the skills they need to become a counselor at Pali Adventures. Over two intense, awesome-packed weeks, our counselors-in-training engage in activities designed to foster independence, teamwork, and critical thinking skills.

Campers who enroll in this program will also receive first aid, CPR and AED certification. Plus, they’ll earn volunteer service hours and build their courage in high ropes challenges.

The best part of this program? It’s all about community, conflict resolution, and owning who you are. All of our counselors in training go on to become great role models for future campers, encouraging other members of the LGBTQ community to embrace who they are fearlessly.


You don’t have to be a dancer to have a blast in the Dance summer camp program at Pali Adventures. In fact, we regularly welcome all levels of dancers to this program, where campers can express who they are in a safe and supportive studio space.

In fact, “safe and supportive” is the name of the game with this summer camp. Plenty of campers will attest to the fact that our Dance program is all about coming out of your shell, at your own pace, and under the personalized attention of experienced dance instructors.

Plus, dancing has long been known for its mental health benefits! The physical motion of dance can reduce depression and anxiety. It also can encourage children to feel more connected with themselves and others. With this Dance program, campers have an opportunity to develop powerful social bonds while tapping into who they are.

At the end of this program, campers perform at the Pali Showcases to wild rounds of applause. 


Is your child extra imaginative? Do they enjoy living out their fantasies, including battling dragons, fighting villains, and embracing their inner hero or heroine?

It’s time to enroll your child in LARP, a unique summer program that gives every camper’s imagination a chance to flourish in an inclusive, exhilarating environment. Creativity is central to this program, as campers hone their story-telling and problem-solving skills through daily quests, campaigns, and challenges.

LARP campers discover the value of assertiveness and self-confidence as they participate in interactive role-plays. But most importantly, they discover the value of being yourself, 100%, no questions asked. This is an overriding philosophy we have here at Pali Adventures, but LARP campers experience it daily.

LARP also emphasizes the magic of story. We all have a story to share in this world, and LARP encourages everyone to believe in the power of what they have to say.


If your child has a longing for the stage, then an acting program at Pali awaits. Acting campers have the opportunity to hone their theatrical skills under the guidance of experienced actors in an extremely safe, supportive environment.

In fact, stepping on stage can be the ultimate pathway to confidence, particularly for children who are shy when it comes to self-expression. Performance can also help campers get over any anxiety they have about public speaking. We encourage all of our campers to recognize the teamwork inherent in the world of theatre, which means that all actors receive the support they need after strutting their stuff!

As an acting camper at Pali, your child will develop all kinds of fundamental performance skills, including improv, character development, and movie acting. They will also have an opportunity to act in a film and practice for professional auditions.

At the end of each acting week, campers showcase their diverse talents at the Pali Showcase in skits of their own making. 


Music truly powers the world. It can also be a great avenue for creative campers looking for a way to express themselves within an appreciative community.

Our DJ summer program brings out the cool and creative in each camper. Participants will get firsthand experience in creating that magical, musical mood by beat-matching, song dropping, and mixing fabulous beats. 

Our professional DJs give campers a chance to use real-life DJ equipment and software, too, which means your young musician can get started on their career early! DJ campers can also develop their own DJ persona if they wish, as this program embraces personality and flair.

DJ campers don’t have to have any mixing experience prior to enrolling. In fact, beginners may have the best opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone with this inclusive program that celebrates diverse musical interests!

At the Pali Adventures evening dance,  DJs get to throw down their own beats for fellow campers.

Hollywood Stunts

Every child encounters fear at some point, especially when it comes to establishing their place in their own unique community. Fear may be natural, but we believe wholeheartedly that every child deserves to be fearless!

That’s what our Hollywood Stunts summer camp is all about. Thrilling and action-packed, this program encourages all campers to overcome their fears through stunt techniques and hand-to-hand combat skills. 

While campers are mastering shoulder rolls, tumbling, and stunt falls, they’ll also be developing self-awareness and self-confidence. These are vital skills they can employ in school, college, and beyond.

With this program, campers will also learn that going on an adventure can be collaborative and inclusive. In fact, it’s more fun that way! Stunt performers learn how to be respectful, supportive team members, regardless of what they are mastering.

The Best LGBTQ-Friendly Summer Camp

Community is a vital part of any summer program, but not all camps may offer the support your child needs to truly thrive. The programs on this list prioritize safe and supportive environments, where every participant can flourish.

At Pali Adventures, our philosophy centers around providing campers with an inclusive, memorable experience. Ready to enroll your child? Click the chat in the bottom right-hand corner to connect with one of our parent liaisons!