Best Nut-Sensitive Summer Camp in Southern California

A peanut or tree-nut allergy is one of those conditions that affect a child’s life far more than unaffected people realize. Parents with a child who has a nut allergy need to essentially research everything their child eats.  

For those children whose allergies are so severe that they’re sensitive to nut dust in the air, the problem is even more pervasive. If you’re researching a camp, finding a camp that understands and meets their needs is a life and death matter.

Pali Adventures is proud to not only be a nut-free site but to also have a reputation as the best nut-sensitive summer camp in all of Southern California.

What Sets Pali Adventures Apart?

There may be other summer camps that can accommodate children with nut allergies, but there no equals to Pali Adventures.  

Nut-Sensitivity Built Into the Experience

Other camps may say that they are nut-sensitive because they have nut-free dining options and they put a label on items with potential allergens. If they allow nuts some time, though, your child is at risk.

It’s easy for there to be miscommunication at other camps about whether they need to avoid using peanuts or nuts during your child’s camp session.  If they sometimes cook with nuts, there is always a risk of nut traces contaminating the food that is supposed to be nut-free.

For some children, even traces of nuts can be enough to trigger anaphylaxis.

The Pali Adventures kitchen is nut-free at all times. We do not bring nuts into our kitchen so there is no risk of cross-contamination. Your child with nut allergies can enjoy their experience as fully as anyone else without questioning everything they eat.

Delicious Camp Dining Even For Dietary Limitations

When other camps offer a meal, some children with special dietary needs are left with uninspired, colorless afterthoughts. Sometimes the kitchen depends on frozen or packaged goods.

We don’t accept that dietary restrictions restrict flavor. At Pali Adventures,  our executive chef and skilled staff can (and do) create a flavorful menu with innovation and variety. Food is prepared on site, from scratch, every day so that everyone can find food that they can enjoy safely.

Working with Other Dietary Restrictions

Nut allergies are unfortunately common, but they’re far from the only dietary restriction we accommodate. Part of the Pali Adventure’s philosophy is that we respect every camper’s right to choose what they put into their bodies.  

Whether the choice is to protect their health, their spirituality, or their ethical standards, we do our best to support it.  Our kitchen staff regularly accommodates campers’ many dietary limitations. No camper feels hungry or deprived during their stay.

Our kitchen can provide options for campers who are vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, and more. We do ask that you alert us to any dietary restrictions ahead of time so that our busy kitchen has time to adjust the menu and purchase the ingredients we need for your child.

Alert Housekeeping Staff

Our housekeeping staff cleans cabin bathrooms and wipes down light switches, tabletops and other commonly touched areas at least once a day.  Food is not permitted inside cabins, so if they see it, it is promptly removed.

They follow up daily cleaning with weekly deep cleaning.  We use a nontoxic disinfectant to remove germs and allergens during every cleaning.

Isolated Surroundings Close to Safety

One of the great reasons for your child to come to Pali Adventures is a summer away from screens and phones. In addition to all the great activities at Pali, there are quiet moments with nature, too.

At the same time, we take your child’s safety seriously. There is a registered nurse on the premises 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  In an emergency, the hospital is just seven miles away.

Local emergency ambulance and fire services have a four-minute response time.  Although we do not permit campers to carry mobile phones, our staff is connected by radios or wi-fi throughout the property and can contact the  “outside world” when necessary.

70+ Activities to Choose From

Dining is important, but it’s far from the only feature to look for in your summer camp. Every summer camp at Pali Adventures has a central activity or purpose, whether it’s developing a rock band, diving into extreme adventures or swinging from the flying trapeze.

In addition to a morning filled with specialty activities, campers choose three elective afternoon activities to explore. Our team at Pali Adventures is proud to offer a wide range of activities to supplement your camper’s morning specialties. Archery, yoga, arts and crafts, paintball, ziplining, and Zumba are only a few on our extensive list. We provide the equipment, lead the activities, and ensure that everyone is following the necessary safety measures.

In addition to activities onsite, we offer jet skis, tubing and other watersports at nearby Big Bear Lake.  

Talk to a Parent Liaison

Planning a great summer is no easy feat. Not only do you need to consider your child’s specific special needs and physical limitations, but you also need to find a fulfilling and productive experience.

To make your life easier, Pali Adventures offers several different camps in one convenient location. On top of that, Pali maintains the best nut-sensitive summer camp kitchen around Our executive chef and kitchen staff are waiting to show you!

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