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The Benefits
of Acting

Acting - Release Your Inner Thespian!

Lights! Camera! Action! Does your child dream of acting on the big screen, little screen, or live stage? Then acting camp is the perfect fit. Starting with the very basics, and ending with the grand finale – a live performance in our Friday Night Showcase – your young thespian will find out what’s involved in being an actor, learn acting techniques, and overcoming stage fright.

“Mom, I want to be an actor…I think.” Many kids dream of being an actor or actress, but how many actually know what’s involved or how to get there? At acting camp, campers learn the practical side: how to apply for an acting job, how to shine in an audition, and what goes on behind the scenes. All campers will return home with a professional headshot to add to portfolios, and two-week campers will also take home a DVD of their professional screen test.

Campers at acting camp spend time learning various acting techniques, from improv to the Meisner Technique to method acting. They will learn the differences between live and film performing, and techniques specific to each. No matter how much innate talent a young person has, learning the basics – the fundamental tools of acting – will enhance and expand those natural abilities.

Acting games provide a very fun and natural means of learning improvisational skills and preparing the camper for the big stage. In addition to games, workshops, and rehearsals, two-week campers will see a live professional theatre performance, including a back-stage tour, and will gain a new appreciation of just what it takes to put on a live production.

There’s far more to acting than just stepping out on stage, and acting camp provides kids with the opportunity to be creative in interpreting roles, to emote, to learn lines, and to become the characters they’ve created. Campers will get to experience both film and live acting; they’ll act in a film produced by Pali’s Film Institute as well as performing live onstage at the spectacular Friday Night Showcase.

You might be wondering if there are any benefits for your child to attend acting summer camp besides just having a good time. Whether your child wants to pursue an acting career or just wants to try something new, acting, and acting camp, helps tremendously to build confidence and self-esteem, and to improve public speaking. Some of our most famous and beloved actors profess to being shy, including Tom Hanks, Carol Burnett, and Lucille Ball, to name a few. For each of them, acting provided a way to reach outside themselves and to overcome sometimes crippling shyness or overwhelming fear.

If your child lives to perform, wakes up as a different character every day, and thrives on the discipline and adulation of the acting world, call Pali Adventures today to reserve your spot in our Acting specialty!