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A Pali Adventures Dramatic Short Film

A Pali Adventures Dramatic Short Film

Award winning writer/director Geno Andrews, and Andy Wexler, owner of Pali Adventures, both began their journeys at Palisades High School. More than 20 years later, their passions and talents combine in the creation of this short film.

“Courage is Contagious” raises social awareness on the topic of bullying, demonstrating how a camp experience can instill kids with the confidence and self worth needed to stand up in the face of it. This story of a young man who overcomes his fears at camp, and brings that confidence home to triumph over a bully, is meant to encourage and inspire children and their parents.

The film was conceptualized by Andrews and shot on site at Pali Adventures during the height of the 2014 summer camp season, with a camper participating in actual camp activities. The film’s lead is played by Daryl Sabara (star of Spy Kids and John Carter), who made up for never having attended camp as a child by experiencing it firsthand – even riding the 700ft zip line. Also starring our Pali campers - session 7 of summer 2014!

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