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Top Outcomes Reported by Parents

Summer Camp's Effect on Self-Confidence

As a parent you want to make sure that as you send your child off to summer camp that the experience is a good one. Sending your child to camp for the first time is a big decision, so you want to be armed with as much research as possible. You want to be confident in your decision so your child can feel confident during their camp stay.Camping has been an American tradition as far back as 1861. The American Camp Association reports that each year 10 million children attend camp. One important thing to know is that there is an abundance of data and research related to the positive effects of the summer camp experience.Research shows that campers report a positive change in self- confidence (positive identity) after attending summer camp. The results are consistent regardless of age or length of stay. What that means is that a one-week camp session results in positive effects on self-confidence regardless of the age of the camper. What’s even more impressive is that parents also notice this change in their camper after only a single summer camp session In ACA’s landmark Directions study, campers reported a number of positive outcomes after attending camp. The top three include:
In the same study, parents reported similar outcomes. In addition they noticed their campers had a newfound sense of independence. Parents report the following as some of the most important reasons a parent should send their child to camp:
Self-confidence is not simply self-esteem. Self-confidence is how we predict we will behave based on how we feel about ourselves coupled with our past experiences. Summer camp not only improves positive identity, it offers so many positive experiences to draw from in a safe, fun, well-supervised environment. It’s no wonder research shows improved self- confidence following just one summer camp session.Pali Adventures staff is trained in large and small group dynamics, child psychology and group leadership. Camp games and activities are carefully selected to foster teamwork and group unity, as well as to build confidence, and to improve positive identity. Every activity is both age- and skill-level appropriate, and is approved by the American Camp Association (ACA). At Pali Adventures your camper will experience a fun, safe environment and at the same time will learn essential life skills. Summer camp truly is a life-changing experience.10 Positive Outcomes of a Summer Camp Experience: