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Choose Age-Appropriate Activities

The Best Summer Camp Activities for Teens

You’re searching the Web for the best summer camp activities for your teen, but there are just so many different types of camps to choose from and a lot of camps don’t have a very good selection of activities. You want a camp that has an awesome selection of fun, exciting specialties and electives that are aligned with your teen’s interests, strengths and talents. You’ve come to the right camp! Pali Adventures offers 17 specialty camps with over 50 electives to choose from each and every day of your camp stay. From Pali’s Hollywood Stunt Camp to Mostorsports, Secret Agent Camp or any number of our performing arts camps, you’re certain to find a specialty that matches your interests, skills and talents! The most recent American Camp Association (ACA) report listed the top five summer camp activities across the U.S. These include: archery, ropes/challenge courses, aquatic activities, recreational swimming, and arts and crafts. With an increased interest in extreme sports, many camps throughout the U.S. have added adventure programs to meet the growing demand. Reality cooking television shows, coupled with a growing interest in the culinary arts, have led to many camps adding a cooking program to their existing specialties and electives. Teens wanting to prepare for college have taken an interest in leadership programs that focus on teamwork and cooperative learning. These camp programs are particularly popular among teens visiting the U.S. from overseas wanting to practice language skills and to prepare to get into a U.S. college or university. Pali Adventures offers all of these activities and more! As a teenager, you’re almost an adult. A ropes course or rock wall that might have challenged you when you were 9 isn’t going to challenge you when you’re 16. You need a camp that offers games, electives, and activities with obstacle courses and equipment that challenges campers who are at various skill- and age-levels.At Pali we have a number of different ropes courses, several paintball courses, and activities that offer a range of skill level all the way to adult level. At Pali we understand that teens are growing into adult-sized bodies and often engage in activities at an adult level, and our camp is designed with that in mind. In addition to selecting a camp that offers activities that challenge you as a teen, you want to select a camp that respects the fact that you’re almost an adult. You want to make sure you will be interacting with campers your own age, and that the activities are age-appropriate. Select a camp that offers teens special privileges such as a later bedtime, teen-only activities, a teen-only area to hangout as well as dances, teen campfire activities and hikes. In other words, select a camp that respects your interests as you approach adulthood.If you haven’t reserved your bunk for the next summer camp session, call us today at (909) 867-5743. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend your summer in an awesome, challenging environment where you get to choose your own adventure!