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Performance Camps are
for Boys

Performance Camps are great for Boys

When a camper chooses a performance specialty at summer camp, they receive an amplified version of the traditional camp experience. They learn, create, practice, and share their art with other campers in a supportive environment. Performing builds confidence, self-esteem, and public speaking skills. Kids overcome their fears as they conquer stage fright, discover healthy ways to express themselves, and make new friends who share their interests.

One reason that performance camps are good for boys in particular is that the program is not competitive. There are no winners or losers, rather everyone must work together as a team in order to create something fantastic. This alleviates the pressure many boys feel to win, and puts the focus on unity instead. An acting troupe must all perform their roles well for a scene to play out. Each dancer’s position and moves contribute to the choreography and presentation of a dance number. Each musician in a band is needed to make a song feel complete. In performance camps, no boy is at a disadvantage because he is shorter or less athletic than others – it evens the playing field so everyone can relax and have a good time exploring their chosen specialty.

Performance camp is a place where dreams are nurtured. A boy might have the chance to indulge a passion or interest he would not be able to pursue at home. While many boys may have a hard time focusing in school or during certain activities, when a boy finds something he truly loves to do, it can produce an incredible amount of discipline. Many an aspiring rock star guitarist has experienced the phenomenon of becoming so involved in playing their instrument that hours will pass without their realizing - they only stop because their fingers literally can’t play another note!! The acting discipline requires control and focus to stay in character despite distractions. Performing creates a pride in discipline as boys begin to see results and improvement in themselves.

Acting in particular is very good for boys, as it helps them learn how to tap into and properly express a full range of emotions. This is counter-cultural for a lot of boys today, who increasingly feel pressure to be masculine by undervaluing and hiding their emotions. We encourage reflection, sensitivity and empathy: all skills that will serve boys well as they mature, learn how to relate to the world around them, and treat others with respect and dignity.

At Pali Adventures summer camp, we offer 5 performance-based specialties: Acting, Dance, Broadcast, DJ, Magic and Rockstar. Each specialty involves a different aspect of performance, and allows campers to express themselves in different ways. We allow campers to explore and discover their talents, in an always-supportive environment. Our performers leave on a “high note” feeling encouraged, never criticized, embarrassed, or not-good-enough. All week they get a chance to put their skills in action by performing for their fellow campers, and everyone gets a standing ovation!