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Pali Summer Camp Store

It's the time of year for Pali gear!

Everyone loves a reminder that someone is thinking about them. Especially kids at their home away from home. Pick the care package that best fits your child from our awesome selection below and we will have it delivered to them upon their arrival at camp.

Raid Ammunition | Sleep Tight | Girls Just Wanna Have Fun | Campfire | AND MORE...

Happy Shopping from everyone at Pali Adventures!

Cali Cool Pack - NEW

$75.00 USD

Make sure your camper is prepared for the warm California days with our Cali Cool Pack. Includes everything your camper needs to stay cool while exploring everything Pali has to offer.


  • Pali Sports Bag (colors will vary)
  • Cooling Safari Hat (select size)
  • Cooling Buff
  • Sunscreen
  • Pali Canteen

Limited Edition Hoodie 2018

$45.00 USD

Pali’s 2018 Limited Edition hoodie is here! Campers love to collect the annual sweatshirt to wear to keep warm each night - and all year long. Get yours while supplies last!

Windbreaker Jacket

$39.00 USD

Brand new for 2018! This jacket’s lightweight design makes it perfect for year-round wear. From the Pali Campfire to back home, wear this windbreaker everywhere you go.

Backpack - NEW

$30.00 USD

This super stylish bag is great for keeping everything you need in one place. Use it at camp to carry your water bottle, towel, lip balm, sunscreen (and maybe even some shaving cream for an unscheduled raid). The Pali Backpack has a drawstring enclosure to keep all your things safe inside. Wear it for style or for functionality. Comes in multiple colors.

Touch of Home Care Pack

$85.00 USD

All the comfort your camper needs to make them feel right at home. Your camper will feel the love even while away from home.


  • Pali flannel pants (select size)
  • Pali stuffed animal
  • Pali journal and pen
  • Pali Sports Bag
  • Blanket (soft plush)
  • Colors and animal may vary

Adventure 2018

$80.00 USD

Every day at Pali is an Adventure! Make sure your camper is well-prepared for all the outdoor activities and full days of adventure they'll have at Pali!


  • New Pali Adventure Shirt (select size)
  • Trucker Hat
  • Pali Sports Bag (colors will vary)
  • Sunscreen
  • Pali Canteen
  • Towel

Campfire 2018

$80.00 USD

Wrap your camper up nice and warm - ready for the evening campfire and the cool mountain evenings!


  • Toasty Beanie (colors will vary)
  • Pali Sports Bag (colors will vary)
  • Neon Crewneck Sweatshirt (colors may vary, select size)
  • Crank Flashlight

No Shirt, No Problem! Package

$75.00 USD

Save room in your suitcase by ordering the Pali 5-Shirt Pack! 5 different Pali T-shirts - one for every day of the week! Actual styles may vary.

Shirts in this pack include:

  • New Pali Adventure Shirt
  • Neon Adventure Shirt
  • Pali Black V-Neck
  • Short Sleeve Pali Tee
  • Dot Logo Tee

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

$69.00 USD

The ultimate Girl Power Pack! Get comfy and show your confidence in these great Pali designs to wear all year long.


  • Pali beanie (colors will vary)
  • Tank Top (select size)
  • Flannel PJ pants (select size)
  • Pali Sports Bag (colors will vary)

Sleep Tight Pack

$50.00 USD

Whether you are coming to Pali from a local city, across the country or around the world, the sleep tight package includes all the bedding your camper needs during their Pali visit. Delivered right to their bunk, the sleep tight package makes travel to camp a bit lighter!


  • Pillow
  • Pillowcase
  • Sleeping bag

Pali Swag Pack

$46.00 USD

One stop shopping for all of Pali’s most popular camp store items!


  • New Adventure Shirt
  • Pali Sports Bag
  • Pali Bandana
  • Pali Sunglasses
  • Striped socks
  • Colors will vary

Glow Gift Pack

$35.00 USD

Your camper will stand out in the crowd and be the envy of their friends at all of our evening activities!


  • Glow mohawk
  • Fiber optic LED headband
  • Glow necklace
  • Glow bracelet
  • Light-up mouthpiece
  • Glow glasses
  • Pali Sports Bag (colors will vary)

Deluxe Raid Package

$35.00 USD

Back by Overwhelming Demand! Upgrade your Raid! Choose our Deluxe Raid Package and give your camper an extra edge for raiding their rivals and the Friday Water War.

All campers will receive water balloons and shaving cream. This is just EXTRA AMMUNITION for MORE fun!


  • Deluxe water gun
  • 300 water balloons
  • 3 cans of shaving cream
  • Pali Sports Bag

Raid Booster Pack

$15.00 USD

Want some extra ammo for raids or the Friday Water War? Is your camper staying for more than one week? The Raid Booster Pack is perfect for the competitive camper and a great add-on to the Deluxe Raid Package. Give your camper an edge with MORE ammo and more FUN!

(All campers still receive water balloons and shaving cream - this is just EXTRA ammo for extra fun.)


  • 300 water balloons
  • 3 cans of shaving cream

Shirt and Sports Bag Bundle

$25.00 USD

Our most popular Pali bundle, the Shirt and Backpack bundle gives your camper great mementos of their special time at Pali.


  • Pali Sports Bag (colors will vary)
  • Pali short sleeve t-shirt (select size below)
  • Actual shirt design may vary.