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Specialties Spotlight:  Learning and Exploring at Science Camp

Discover Your Passion for Science

You and your child have been looking forward to summer camp for months. You’ve registered, bought all the camp necessities, packed your bags, and now it’s time to head off for adventure. While you’ve probably done lots of preparation to get ready for this monumental day, you could be surprised to learn that your child could return with a newfound knowledge of how to create wacky experiments – most of which can be done right in your own kitchen!

The Wacky Science specialty program at Pali Adventures is unique because the experiments and science activities are perfect for children with any level of skill or experience.  Your child doesn’t need to have any expertise or prior knowledge at all to have an absolute blast. Pali Adventures transcends the ordinary limits of educational science by encouraging campers to blow things up, create kooky potions, and even build stink bombs! With a highly trained staff that keeps things safe, your child will be able to make scientific discoveries in ways they never thought possible.

Summer camp is the ideal time to help your child explore the field of science and to cultivate your child’s love of conducting their own experiments. In a laid-back atmosphere without the stress of homework and tests, your child can discover a passion for science.

Wacky Science Experiments

At Pali Adventures,your child will participate in wacky science experiments and activities that center around things like chemical reactions, physics, and states of matter. Even if your child isn’t a science buff in school, they will undoubtedly enjoy conducting their own hands-on experiments using everyday household items. At Pali Adventures, your child is encouraged to put on their lab coat and goggles and unleash their inner chemist, all while under the watchful guidance of our expert instructors.

In the Wacky Science camp specialty, your child will learn how reactions work on a chemical level. For example, learn how to create stink bombs and what actually makes them smell. They’ll also learn the physics behind building a working catapult, how to properly design and launch a rocket.
Explosive and Edible Experiments

One of the best parts of science at summer camp is enjoying the results of your experiment. At Pali Adventures, that may mean getting to eat the final product. With edible experiments, your child will learn about how different ingredients react to create something totally new and tasty.

Edible experiments and recipes include anything from making your own ice cream and soda to creating rock candy “geodes”. Science has never tasted so good!

The Value of Science at Camp

While your child may not be interested in science per se, the informal nature of Pali Adventures Wacky Science specialty may be just enough to pique their curiosity. Campers who may not feel confident in the classroom are given the opportunity to learn in a stress-free environment which may instill a greater sense of confidence come school time. During camp, children work closely with counselors who will serve as mentors throughout the week.

Be prepared for your child to return home from camp with a fresh interest and curiosity about conducting science experiments.

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