4 Last Minute Tips to Prepare for Summer Camp

Be Prepared for the Last Minute Scramble Before Summer Camp

Once you’ve picked your summer camp, chosen the dates, and filled out the forms, you may be tempted to just sit back and wait for departure day. You may start to realize that preparing for summer camp can feel just as crazy as the beginning of the school year!

For starters, packing for summer camp can be overwhelming. There may be specialty items that you need to order, or certain items that you can only pick up at a specific store. While planning for summer camp ahead of time is always the best way to go, don’t stress out if you’ve waited until the last minute! Here are five last-minute camp packing tips to help you keep your cool and save you time as you get ready for camp.

1) Online Ordering

When you have a jam-packed schedule as it is, you don’t want to have to worry about running all around town when shopping for camp necessities. Instead, you can have all of your child’s camp items delivered right to your doorstep.

Services like Amazon Prime are great for speedy delivery, especially if you’ve saved your shopping for the last minute. Many stores also have the option to order online and then pickup in the store, so that you can make your shopping experience as stress-free as possible. Make sure you allow yourself enough time for your items to be delivered.  In some cases, it may make more sense to go to a physical store, especially if you’re cutting it close.

2) Pack Smart

Don’t be tempted to over pack just because you’re in a hurry. Read and print off the CAMP PACKING LIST to make sure that you have all of your summer camp essentials, and refrain from packing extra items that won’t get any use. Kids often wear the same outfits more than once, so you may not actually need to pack two weeks worth of clothes!

Also make sure you leave room in your child’s suitcase to bring home camp souvenirs. For example, kids who participate in the fine arts specialty will have art projects, and campers in the fashion specialty will have new clothes to bring home. This is especially important if your child is traveling from out of state and will be confined to fitting all their items in their checked baggage.

3) Borrow!

Before you go crazy with online shopping for important camp necessities, consider borrowing from a parent who has previously sent their child to summer camp. Buying new suitcases or duffle bags can become expensive, so double check with family friends before buying brand new gear.

4) Ship Items or Buy Them at Camp

If departure day is fast approaching and you’re running out of time, you can purchase almost everything you need right at the Pali Adventures CAMP STORE which offers a wide variety of camp supplies and gear. We also offer several ready-to-go packages that include blankets and sleeping bags. Parents can easily load money onto their child’s store account, so that they don’t have to worry about carrying around cash.

Parents can also ship bedding and luggage so that campers don’t have to worry about it when traveling to camp. This is an especially good option for campers who are flying in from out of state or internationally.

You can also choose to send some items to your child in care package once camp is already in session. If you decide to take this route please remember that we don’t accept food or candy of any kind as some campers may have food allergies. If you are dropping your child off at camp via car, you also have the option of visiting one of the malls or shopping centers along the way.

As camp approaches, remember to stay calm as you complete your last minute packing. While it may seem super important to get everything ahead of time, it’s not a big deal if your child purchases a few items at the camp store. After all – packing for camp should be half of the fun!

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