The Pali Experience

Summer camp is an important milestone.

You want your loved one to develop friendships, make memories and achieve personal growth. But how do they want to get there? As an action hero? A rockstar? A trapeze artist?

That’s the Pali difference.

At Pali, campers choose their own adventure from over 28 specialties that transform their wildest fantasies into mind-blowing realities. Then, they personalize their experience via our expansive electives program to make sure that every day they make the most of every moment.

Girl on trapeze hoop upside down and doing a split

Along the way, our highly trained staff will help your child foster lifelong friendships, develop critical thinking, practice mutual respect, and cultivate teamwork and communication skills. When you look at our blend of cutting-edge modern sensibilities and world-class camp aesthetics, you might describe our camp as The Ritz meets Club Med. However, campers typically describe us to their parents as “Awesome! Amazing! The best summer ever!”

Two young girls wearing zebra onesies