Open Summer Camp Positions

There is no such thing as a general counselor at Pali. Instead we have specialists.

This is because every counselor needs to be exceptional and must have a high level of skill or experience with one of our 29 specialties in order to work for us.

Staff talking to campers during painting activity

Staff pouring water onto campers

Frontline Staff

Specialty Counselor

  • Must be at least 18 years old by the start of staff training
  • Will work within their assigned specialty for the entirety of the summer unless otherwise assigned. In addition to a specialty they will also care for a cabin of up to 10 campers with at least one other counselor
  • Will be assigned afternoon electives to teach/conduct on a daily basis. Electives placement is not based on specialty assignment
  • Be ready to work with ages 8-16
  • Commit to a full season May 31 – August 16
  • Meet all standards listed in the general Job Description

Support Staff

Group Leader

  • Oversee and support 3-4 cabin groups
  • Complete daily check-ins with all campers and counselors under your supervision
  • Reports directly to the Head Counselor
  • Must be able to complete tasks as assigned by the Head Counselor
  • The first level of support for in-cabin counselors
  • Collect contraband

Specialty Director

  • Oversee the proper implementation of the curriculum of their specialty
  • Responsible for feedback to and development of staff under your supervision/ within your specialty
  • Reports directly to Program Director(s)

Nurses/Health Services (RN/LVN/LPN)

  • Distribute and Document all medications
  • Address all camper and staff member healthcare needs
  • Transport campers and staff to urgent care and other needed facilities as required
  • Must have a valid license to practice within the state of California
  • Communicate with parents in regard to any and all medical needs prior to and during a campers stay.

Upper Cabinet

Head Counselors

  • 4 total (Junior Boys 8-12, Senior Boys 13-16, Junior Girls 8-12, Senior Girls 13-16)
  • Parent liaisons, regularly communicate with parents before and during their camper’s stay with us.
  • Cabin assignments for both staff and campers in assigned area
  • Coordinate parent calls
  • Lead disciplinarian
  • Dining hall logistics
  • Responsible for all evaluations for counselors in their village
  • Directly supervise teams of Group Leaders

Program Directors

  • Two types: Action and Creative
  • 2 Action Directors oversee the following specialties: Secret Agent, Extreme Action, Girl Power, Motor Sports, LARP, Ninja Warrior, Circus, Hollywood Stunts, Water Sports, Wacky Sports, Wacky Science, Flight Club (Aviation), CIT
  • 1 Creative Director oversees the following specialties: Film, Broadcast, Fine Arts, Culinary, Acting, Fashion, Dance, Street Art, Comedy, Movie Makeup, Wacky Science, DJ, Magic, Rock Star, Potions & Lotions

Entertainment Team

  • In charge of all daily evening programs
  • Run all meals and supplemental mealtime program
  • Create and set up Midnight Delight every week


  • Handle all logistics of camper drop-off and departure.
  • Coordinate airport drop-off and pickups with parents
  • Train all staff drivers


  • Schedule and staff electives on a daily basis
  • Ensure campers are getting the electives they want
  • Ensure all equipment is where it needs to be before electives begin

Weekend Coordinator

  • Plan Saturday activities on site for all campers staying over
  • Oversee logistics of preplanned offsite trips

Infirmary Manager

  • Oversees and manages all health care staff
  • Ensures appropriate care has been provided as needed and parents have been communicated with if required