Frequently Asked Questions

What age does my child have to be to attend Pali Adventures?

Pali Adventures is open to young people between the ages of 8 and 16 during the time they attend camp. Please speak to us regarding children younger than 8 if you feel they show camp readiness.

Where are you located?

Less than two hours drive from most of Southern California, Pali Adventures is located at 30778 CA-18, Running Springs, CA 92382. Please download detailed driving instructions, as some GPS services do not have accurate directions.

What are the session dates?

Camp runs weekly in June, July, and August. View our 2024 dates below:

Session Dates
Session 1 June 9 - June 15
Session 2 June 16 - June 22
Session 3 June 23 - June 29
Session 4 June 30 - July 6
Session 5 July 7 - July 13
Session 6 July 14 - July 20
Session 7 July 21 - July 27
Session 8 July 28 - August 3
Session 9 August 4 - August 10
Session 10* August 11 - August 17

What are the session themes for 2024?

Each week of camp has a special theme, which is reflected in costumes and evening programs, especially in the Thursday night Pali Dance.

Summer 2024’s themes are:

  • Session 1. Around the World
  • Session 2. Heroes and Villains
  • Session 3. Mythology
  • Session 4. 4th of July Celebration
  • Session 5. Halloween
  • Session 6. Jurassic
  • Session 7. Magic
  • Session 8. Olympics
  • Session 9. Time Machine

What are the living accommodations like at Pali?

Each cabin houses up to ten campers and two staff members. The accommodations include solid wood built-in bunks, radiant floor heating, private bathroom and shower facilities, and an unlimited supply of pure mountain spring water!

How does cabin bunking work?

Camp friends are the best friends! In our Pali cabins, your child has the opportunity to make eight or nine new best friends, from all over the USA and even from around the world! This interaction is part of what makes the camp experience unique and wonderful. In order to continue making Pali a special place for friends to meet, learn new cultures, and experience new personalities, we have developed the following guidelines.

  • Bunking is gender and age appropriate. Cabin groups will not have campers aged more than one year apart, though they may encompass more than one grade level.
  • We honor all reciprocated bunking requests provided they fall within our guidelines.
  • In order to prevent cliques, we allow each camper a maximum of two friend requests.
  • Bunk requests made less than two weeks before camp may not be honored.
  • For programming reasons, campers aged 12 and under are not put in cabins with campers aged 13 and older. This allows us to run different activities appropriate for younger or older campers.
  • If a 13-year-old wishes to be bunked with a 12-year-old, they’ll be bunked in the younger cabin. Rules pertaining to campers 12 and under will apply to them.
  • Campers that attend for two weeks usually will be grouped together so they don’t need to change cabins at the end of a week. This allows for stronger bonds with counselors and fellow two-week campers. A two-week camper may opt to move to a one-week cabin to be with a friend.

Pali understands the concerns you have as parents. Typically, parents find these policies more difficult to live with than the campers do! While having four or five friends in the same cabin gives an initial sense of comfort, we have found it does not provide a full summer camp experience for all campers involved. We like to encourage campers and parents alike to take advantage of the chance for the camper to meet fantastic new people in their cabin since the structure of Pali Adventures’ programming allows plenty of time to be spent with friends and siblings:

  • Our program is not cabin-based.
  • Campers choose their own specialty.
  • Campers choose their own afternoon electives and can choose to do activities with their friends.
  • Many of our evening activities are camp-wide activities.
  • The cabin unit, while still producing new best friends, will not restrict campers from making new friends outside of their cabin and does not restrict campers from also spending quality time with old friends while at camp.

While we cannot guarantee bunking arrangements, we work with you personally to achieve the best possible situation for your child. Have a specific question about bunking? Call us anytime! 909-867-5743

What is the food like at Pali?

All meals at Pali are prepared with health in mind! We offer some of the best camp food — prepared daily, from scratch by our award-winning executive chef and staff. Campers dine buffet-style for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They enjoy a variety of entrées including: hamburger/hotdog bar, grilled chicken breast sandwiches, tuna salad, chicken Caesar wraps, chicken tenders, broccoli beef, ribs, marinated tofu and more!

Sides include mac and cheese, homemade soups and chilis, roasted vegetables, and a full salad bar. Our dining choices include fountain drinks, juice, coffee and tea with meals. We serve desserts at every dinner.

Alternative healthy food options for campers with medical or religious dietary restrictions are available—please let us know in advance.

Do you offer cancellation insurance? What is your refund policy?

Yes, we offer cancellation insurance for $150 per week, per camper. Since we have a limited number of beds at Pali, most parents enroll their children in camp months in advance to ensure a spot. We realize that situations arise (i.e. illness, family emergencies, change of plans, etc.); therefore, Pali is happy to offer a camp cancellation insurance program that must be purchased at the time of enrollment.

If cancellation insurance is purchased and cancellation happens before:

  • 2/1/2024: 100% refund
  • 3/1/2024: 75% refund
  • 4/1/2024: 50% refund

* There will be no refund after 4/1/2024.


Refunds are only granted when cancellation insurance has been purchased. When space is available a camper may switch sessions.

What does ACA accreditation mean?

We meet over 250 standards in health, safety, staffing, training , and transportation. Pali Adventures is an accredited overnight camp certified by the American Camping Association. The Accreditation process requires camps to meet strict standards for site safety and food service, transportation, healthcare, operational management, human resources , and program standards.

In addition, Pali Adventures meets all state and local laws governing the operation of pools, dining facilities, living accommodations , and the Organized Camp Regulations.

How can I prepare my child for summer camp?

If your child is attending sleepaway camp for the first time there are several things you can do to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Consider a visit to Pali to check out the grounds & accommodations. If you plan to make an overnight trip there are several nearby hotels & cabins.

You can also help your child prepare for camp by allowing him/her to sleepover at another friend’s house or by visiting relatives for a few days. Many children are unfamiliar with cohabitation so it’s useful to simulate a situation in which your child is sharing a room and explain the importance of keeping their space tidy. Allow your child to partake in grocery shopping, make their own bed, organize and pack their camp trunk to help them feel prepared.

It’s also a good idea to explain how you will communicate with your child while they’re away. Pali does not recommend calls & visits as this may promote homesickness. Our camp counselors work to ensure your child is socializing and has the best experience possible. Pali allows homemade care packages (please read “what to do if my child is homesick” for care package information.) If you feel the need to check on your child please feel free to call and speak with one of our head counselors.

We ask parents to evaluate their 8 to 16 year old prior to enrollment. Your child must be ready to be away from home for the duration of their session with no parent contact, with the exception of written letters. Mild homesickness is natural and our staff will be ready with hugs and advice.
With that in mind, parents should think carefully before sending campers who have limited experience away from home or who are not excited about participating in camp, as there are no refunds for campers unable to stay for the duration of their session. We expect campers to arrive with a positive attitude – ready to make new friends and learn new skills. We’ll be waiting for them with open arms, fun activities, and great food!

What can I do if my child is homesick?

Dealing with homesickness is a normal part of going away to camp. Our counselors will ensure that campers are well taken care of and help to put them at ease. While it may be tempting to call or visit your child, this can actually promote homesickness and may make it more difficult for your child to transition back into camp life. We encourage parents to check out the Pali store where summer camp care packages are available for purchase.

Personal care packages are also welcome! While you may have many ideas for what you’d like to send your camper, we ask that you refrain from sending any food items in compliance with our food allergy policy. We inspect all camp care packages before delivery to campers.

Please use the following address to send personal care packages:

Pali Adventures
Camper’s name
P.O. Box 2237
30778 Highway 18, Running Springs, CA 92382

It’s a good idea to explain how you will communicate with your child while they’re away. Pali Adventures does not recommend calls or visits as this may promote homesickness. Our camp counselors work to ensure your child is socializing and has the best experience possible. If you feel the need to check on your child please feel free to call and speak with one of our head counselors.

What should my child pack for camp?

What to pack for summer camp seems challenging if your child will be away from home for multiple weeks. We recommend packing these summer camp essentials:

  • short sleeve t-shirts
  • long sleeve t-shirts
  • socks
  • underwear
  • long pants
  • shorts
  • hat
  • pajamas
  • toiletries
  • small backpack
  • towel
  • swim suit
  • sunglasses & flashlight

**Important note: Laundry will be done at the end of the 2nd week and every two weeks thereafter for campers staying 3+ weeks.

Campers need to provide their own bedding and towels. They can either bring a sleeping bag or sheets and a light blanket for a standard twin bed.

Several items are prohibited: mobile phones, iPods, food, gum, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes , and other contraband. Please reference our summer camp packing list for more details.

How does transportation to and from camp work?

Pali will provide transportation to and from LAX and Ontario airport. Ontario is the preferred airport since it’s the closest to the camp and requires a shorter trip than LAX. The price for transportation from the Ontario Airport is $85 one-way. The price for transportation from LAX is $165 one- way.

Charter Bus Service

Pali Adventures offers charter bus service from Aiden’s Place, in Los Angeles, just off of Sepulveda Blvd (near the Federal Building), South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa) and The Container Store at Fashion Valley Mall (San Diego). Early – Mid-morning times and locations will be confirmed by email the week prior to departure) Please arrive 15 minutes early for check-in. Buses will return to the same location on Saturdays at 12:00 noon. The price for transportation is $85 one way $170 round trip

Airport Service

Pali Adventures will offer airport services to and from Ontario Airport and LAX. Ontario is the preferred airport since it’s the closest to the camp and requires a shorter trip than LAX. The price for transportation from Ontario Airport is $85 one-way. The price for transportation for LAX is $165 one-way

What is your dismissal policy?

While problems of the following nature are rare, our primary goal is to ensure that all campers have a positive camp experience. Therefore, it is understood that a camper will be dismissed from camp, without refund, for reasons including, but not limited to the following: Use or possession of chemical substances, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs, unauthorized use or possession of cellular telephones, unauthorized use or possession of weapons, persistent inappropriate language, teasing, bullying, conduct which is dangerous (i.e. sneaking out of the cabin at night unsupervised), illegal, or in the opinion of the camp directors, conduct detrimental to the camp and/or other campers.

Campers sneaking out after curfew, unsupervised, will be expelled from camp without a refund.

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