Best Sleepaway Camp in California

Summer is finally here and as a parent, that means its time to pick which camp you want to send your kids to. Sleepaway camp can be a great experience for kids of all ages.

But for many, this can also be one of their first times away from home. So it’s important when choosing where to send them that you pick the right place so the experience is nothing short of fantastic.

Sleepaway camps in California are diverse and can meet everyone’s interests and schedules. But there are some crucial things to keep in mind before settling on the right one. Keep reading to see our guide for choosing the best sleepaway camp in California!

Benefits of Sleepaway Camp

Summer camps can serve as a big milestone in your child’s life. And although there can be a bit of anxiety and hesitation around sending them off at first, the benefits your child will gain from the experience are numerous.

Camp can help a child establish a sense of confidence and raise their self-esteem since they have to establish themselves away from parents. The leads to a kid having a greater sense of personal independence and feeling like they can tackle things on their own.

Camp also allows your child to make deep connections with other campers and staff members. When kids are living in close quarters with each other they tend to develop meaningful and authentic friendships. And many camp friends end up turning into friends for life.

Sleepaway camps also help kids establish a sense of responsibility and the importance of working together as a team. And lastly, your child will learn to develop new skills and explore new activities in a safe and welcoming environment.

Top Things to Consider

Now that you know the many benefits sleepaway camp can bring to your child, you can begin deciding what type of camp to send them to. When going through this decision-making process remember to include your child.

Explore the options together so that they feel involved in making the final choice. This will help to eliminate some of the anxiety your child may feel when leaving home. When considering your options, keep these things in mind.


You want to consider the location of the camp when making your decision.

Do you want a camp that is within a day of car travel? Or are you comfortable sending your child somewhere that is only reachable by air? How far does your child feel comfortable traveling?

Taking into consideration the climate that the camp is located in is also important. You should discuss with your child to see what his or her preferences are.

Some children may be more particular than others and you don’t want weather conditions to be an issue for them for the whole summer.


Different camps are going to offer various experiences to their campers. And certain programs are more structured than others.

Think about whether you want a camp that has a more rigid schedule where your child will have little say in their daily activities or if you want one that has many activities that they can choose from.

Certain camps may focus on one activity in particular or be centered around building a particular set of skills. While other camps may offer a wide range of different things your child can do.

To some children, it may feel empowering to get the chance to personalize their camp experience. There are many camps in the California area that offer various electives of both the creative, educational, and adventurous variety.


One of the many things about camp that parents often worry over is who is going to be taking care of their child. You’ll want to do your research to make sure the staff members of a camp have gone through the proper screening process before being hired.

Does the camp make staff members go through background checks and drug testing? How selective are they when bringing members onto the team?

These staff members are meant to serve as leaders to your child so you want to make sure they are good role models. Another thing to look into is how much training the staff members go through.

Are they preparing months ahead of summer? And are they trained in not only the basics like CPR but also in things like conflict resolution?

It is also important to look into the staff to camper ratio to ensure your child will get the attention they deserve.


As a parent, it’s comforting to know that your child is being fed fresh and healthy foods while they are away. Check into the dining plan of the camp and see if they are offering healthy options instead of just an easy quick meal.

You don’t want your child eating unhealthy over-processed foods after a hard days play all summer. Also if your child has any dietary needs you’ll want to make sure the camp is accommodating.

Choosing the Best Sleepaway Camp in California

By keeping the things listed above in mind when choosing from sleepaway camps in California, you will ensure that you make a good decision. Most camps will have the answers to your questions laid out on their website.

You should be able to easily get in contact with someone from the camp to answer any more questions you may have. If you are unable to get ahold of someone directly then that’s probably a good indication to look into a different camp.

Once you and your future camper decide on the best fit, the fun can begin. The best sleepaway camp is an enriching experience in the life of any child. It will have them building memories they talk about for years to come.

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