Pali History

The “Pali” in Pali Adventures comes from the nickname for the Pacific Palisades, located near Los Angeles, California and where the camp was first founded by entrepreneur, Andy Wexler.

Old photo of Andy Wexler

Aerial of Pali Adventures

The very first “Pali Camp” was a summer day camp run by Andy and his team in 1990. His goal was to provide a safe environment for kids to try incredible new things. The camp was very successful and continued to grow over the next decade. In 1999, Andy purchased a 74-acre site in the mountains that was previously known as Camp O-Ongo. The stunning mountain location became known as Pali Mountain and evolved into the beautiful facility our campers are now lucky to enjoy.

Andy continually strives to provide a safe environment where campers can experience new things and he is regularly at camp to make sure everyone is having fun.