6 Tell Tale Signs You Need to SUBSCRIBE to Pali TV

What is PaliTV? Pali Adventures Summer Camp introduces Pali TV! Pali’s awesome team created this channel for YOU! Science Experiments, DIY Projects, Challenge videos, and Fun Competitions are only a few things you can look forward to on this channel. — However, the only way to keep up to date is too like, share and subscribe so you do not miss out on weekly videos!


1. Are you part of the Pali Adventures family? Once a camper, always a camper! Whether you were a camper from the past, first time camper for summer 2017 or a past or present parent of a camper, Pali considers you part of the family. Summer camp provides lifelong memories and experiences while making people incredibly happy. With the kids out for an entire week or more, its’s also a time when parents can relax and focus on time to themselves.

2. Do you follow Pali Adventures on social media? We are always delivering awesome news, updates, specials and MORE! Isn’t it nice to check your feed and see something NEW from Pali? Well, you can get that same feeling every week with your new Pali TV video!

3. Are you missing Pali and summer camp? Water balloons and shaving cream, midnight delight, camp nicknames, friendship bracelets and of course RAID! These are just some of the things our campers love. We wanted summer camp to be an all year extravaganza! Pali TV is a never ending supply of summer camp goodness, wrapped in-side a fast paced weekly videos.

4. Do you constantly talk about your favorite counselor?
With PaliTV, you have the opportunity to connect with the Pali staff you know and love! Not only will you get to see the amazing counselor, Taz, but she will also be featuring some of your favorite Pali counselors from around the world! With interviews, games and challenges, you won’t want to miss it!

5. Do you always have summer on the brain? Some would say that, “Winter Blows!” At Pal Adventures we definitely agree with that. Since Pali’s summer is only 9 GLORIOUS weeks long, we wanted to keep the fun going all year long! Pali TV is your one stop shop for everything Pali and reflecting on those “good ole feelings”

6. Do you have great summer camp memories? Kids will always grow out of clothes but will never loose their sumer camp memories. While camp is something you can grow too old to attend, you NEVER grow out of it and the memories only become more precious with time.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to the Pali TV channel today and lets start the conversation! Every Friday after we post the video, we sit down and discuss that week’s video with you all. Whether thats; Facebook or Instagram live, live messaging or possibly something even more unique to Pali. We will answer all your questions, comments, what you want to see next and more. Plus you can get to know the Pali team and give us a HIGH FIVE next summer!