8 Reasons Camp is the Best Present Ever

Parents are always on the lookout for that absolutely perfect gift, for a birthday, holiday or special occasion. One that will be used, not thrown away, and give joy for years to come. Many of us are lucky to have all the “things” we could ever want. We are starting to see that it’s great experiences more than physical products that really make us and our kids happy. We have one particular experience in mind for all you parents out there looking for the best present ever – a week at summer camp! So why is camp the best gift ever??

1. It gives kids something to look forward to

Knowing they are going to go to camp in the summer is a great feeling! The future is bright and there is a great goal to reach at the end of the school year. Work hard now – play hard later! Dreaming of summer has cheered all of us up in the winter months, and kids are no different!

2. You don’t have to fight the crowds to buy it

Has anyone else braved the shops on Black Friday or even a typical weekend? It’s crazy out there! Luckily, you don’t need to go anywhere to buy camp. Sign your kids up with a quick phone call or even better – most camps now allow parents to enroll anytime online. No need to change out of your PJs.

3. You won’t need much wrapping paper

In fact, you may not need any. That’s entirely up to you. If you can’t get enough of wrapping presents, we suggest giving a gift certificate, making the gift of camp also a present to be unwrapped. We made a cool one for Pali Adventures – feel free to use it if you are giving anyone you know a week of summer camp at Pali!

4. Experiences make people happier than tangible gifts

It’s true! There’s been actual research that proves it! Check out this great article from the UnClutterer.

5. Kids can’t grow out of memories

Remember the time you bought that expensive outfit for your kid and they grew out of it before you got home from the store?  While camp IS something you can grow too old to attend, you NEVER grow out of it, and the memories only become more precious with time.

6. It won’t take up any space around the hous

You COULD buy them a new bike, but wouldn’t be nice to save that garage space for something else? Like maybe your car? Or you could buy your kids all kinds of toys, but it will just make finding the floor in your kids’ rooms that much harder. Plus, buying camp actually CREATES space – when your kid is gone at camp. Which leads us to our next point…

7. Gives you a chance to plan an adults-only vacation

We all love our kids, but having them out of the house for an entire week or more? That basically doubles as a gift we give ourselves. Think about all the things you could get done, catch up on, or totally ignore during the amazing getaway you can now book.

8. Comes with a side of friends

If you could give your kid the gift of great friends, you’d do it in a heartbeat. Well, camp can do it for you! Staying in a close-knit cabin with 9-10 other kids their own age, then experiencing the fun and growth that happens at camp with them, creates friendships that last a lifetime.

So give the gift of camp! You won’t regret it, and your kids will thank you for it – now, and later.

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