8 Summer Camp Themes You Don’t Want to Miss

Have the Time of Your Life at These Themed Summer Camp Sessions

For most families, a lot goes into deciding which sessions of summer camp your child should attend. Family vacation plans, other summer programs, and travel all factor into your decision of when and where to send your child to camp. However, not all camp sessions are created equal. At Pali Adventures, each week of camp features a different creative theme!

Many camps incorporate SUMMER CAMP THEMES in order make each camp session unique and fun, especially for kids who are staying for multiple sessions. Kids are invited to dress up all week in accordance with the theme, and some meals will also be theme-inspired. Once you enroll your child in camp, make sure you check out the summer camp themes for your session(s) so that your child can pack a few fun and creative outfits or accessories to wear during the week.

This Pali Adventures 2018 themes are:

Session 1 – Superhero

Kids who come to camp for the first session should come prepared for a week of superhero fun. This is a great time to get some extra use out of those old Halloween costumes sitting in the closet. Come prepared with masks and capes, or make your own costumes with friends during the arts and crafts elective!

Session 2 – Mythology

Who is your favorite Greek God or Goddess? If you could be any mythical creature, what would it be? During the second session, be prepared to explore and answer these questions. If you aren’t sure which God or Goddess to choose, don’t worry—you’ll have all week to ponder before the Pali Dance on Thursday.

Session 3 – Freedom: Red, White, and Blue

Session three of Pali Adventures falls on the week of July 4th, so campers should come ready to celebrate America’s Independence Day. Bring your best patriotic outfit or just pack some extra red, white and blue items.. During this session, Pali Adventures hosts a Fourth of July Carnival and Variety Show, with plenty of red, white, and blue food for all!

Session 4 – Magic / Halloween

Experience two themes in one session! Pali’s fourth and only dedicated 2-week session, celebrates the spookiness of Halloween combined with the mystery of magic. Campers and their cabin mates are separated into wizard-inspired houses, with competitions taking place between the different teams. There is also a haunted trail, where campers explore the camp campus, but with a spooky twist.

Session 5 – Around the World

You don’t have to travel abroad to get a multicultural experience! With campers hailing from 42+ countries, this session will focus on highlighting unique cultural differences from around the globe.  The final campfire at the end of the week will showcase Pali Adventures counselors and all of their different countries and cultures.  The format of this theme is similar to that of the Olympics, with all of the counselors and their campers showing country pride!

Session 6 – Pirates and Cowboys

Want to commandeer your own ship or duel it out like in the Wild Wild West? Session six offers endless possibilities for campers who love pirates and cowboys. Campers participating in creative specialties like larping, movie makeup, or film may find that they can build off this theme when creating their projects.

Session 7 – Neon

Remember to pack your glow sticks, neon t-shirts, and other glow in the dark accessories for neon week at Pali Adventures! Light yourself up at the Pali Campfire by wearing your brightest outfit, adorned with glow sticks. For senior campers, you’ll get to participate in color chaos, which is an evening activity involving color powder and games.

Session 8 – Time Warp! Blast From the Past

During session eight, campers are invited to dress in the style of a different era. Get inspired and bring your best steampunk outfit or your favorite pair of groovy bell-bottoms to wear at the closing campfire. The costume possibilities are truly endless. Prepare to get funky with music from across the eras at the Pali Dance!

Summer Camp Theme Ideas Make the Whole Week at Camp Special

At Pali Adventures, summer camp themes help color the entire week of activities for campers. Other activities that follow the theme include the counselor auction, Pandemonium, the Pali Dance, night walks, Midnight Delight, scavenger hunts, Bananarama, and Mimic Mania!

For more information on choosing a specialty, visit the PALI WEBSITE and enroll today before your session fills up!

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