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A Day in the Life: A Typical Summer Camp Schedule

What Happens At Summer Camp?

You’ve prepped your child for the responsibilities and adventures of summer camp, gone through the packing process, said your goodbyes, and now you’re ready to watch your child embark on the life-changing experience of summer camp. But what happens after you part ways? While you should feel confident that your child will have a blast no matter what they’re up to, we understand that there is a natural curiosity to know exactly what they’re up to on a daily basis.

While every summer camp structures the day a little differently, most camps block out time for three meals a day, with various activity sessions falling in between. Routine plays a critical role in helping camp run smoothly, with scheduled meal and activity times. This routine can actually make going back-to-school easier since kids have grown accustomed to adhering to a daily schedule including scheduled bedtime. At Pali Adventures, you can expect a typical day at camp to look something like this:



At Pali Adventures, the day begins promptly at 7:30am. Campers wake up and wash up, with the option of showering in the morning (or in the evening if they prefer). At 8am, breakfast is served where campers can choose from a variety of options such as cold cereals, fruit, yogurt, and hot items including pancakes and eggs. It’s totally okay if campers come to breakfast still wearing their cozy flannel pajamas; no dress code here.

Breakfast is served in our state-of-the-art nut free dining hall, where Pali Adventures’ award-winning food caters to all campers tastes.  We have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, and can accommodate for almost any food allergy. During breakfast, counselors will help campers choose their elective activities for the afternoon.

With full tummies, campers set out for their specialties from 9:15am to 12:25pm.  Parents register their campers for a single specialty for each week of camp.  Specialties allow campers to become makeup artists, stuntmen, aerial artists, secret agents, or specialize in over 20 specialties.



From 12:30pm to 1:30pm, campers take a break for lunch. With freshly baked bread, a generous salad bar, and entrees, all of which are made from scratch, every camper will find something yummy to eat. If anyone is celebrating a birthday, a freshly baked cake will be delivered to the birthday child’s table with the whole camp singing Happy Birthday. Campers can also take this time to rearrange their afternoon electives schedule if they changed their mind from their morning choice(s).

After lunch, campers and counselors share a rest period to unwind before afternoon electives begin. Campers personalize their camp schedule by choosing from over 70 different afternoon activities. The list of summer camp activities includes Zumba, jet skiing, laser tag, yoga, bedazzling, cooking, and a whole lot more. From 2:30pm to 5:50pm, elective periods continue in hour-long intervals.



After a delicious dinner (featuring homemade desserts), the fun continues with even more summer camp activities. At 7:30pm, the evening activity special event begins. This event can be anything from casino night or Bananarama to a Rock Star showcase. Parents can find the full list of evening summer camp activities on our activity page.

At 10pm, campers begin to wind down for the night. Campers get ready for bed, wash up, and shower if they didn’t already do so in the morning. At 11pm, it’s lights out so that campers can get a good night’s sleep before another action-packed day.


The Grand Finale

The last night of camp culminates in the infamous Pali Showcase. This is where campers present what they’ve learned in their specialties throughout the camp session. Performances by acting, a runway show by the fashion campers, or the premiere of the film student’s movies are just a few of the camp performances that wrap up a truly unforgettable week.

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