Extreme Sports Camp: A Summer Camp Experience for the Adrenaline Junkie in Your Family

Extreme Sport Camp Overview

Are you looking for a summer camp that will not only provide your child with thrilling adventures but also have a positive impact on their personal growth? Look no further than Extreme Action & Adventure Camp, just one of Pali Adventures’ many overnight sleepaway specialties. Our action-packed summer camps are designed to provide the ultimate summer fun while fostering personal growth and development in supportive environments. 

At Pali, campers find nonstop action with adrenaline inducing activities that are sure to create the summer camp experience of a lifetime.

Don’t worry, all of our skilled staff members are CPR and first aid certified, ready to provide safe yet adventurous fun for thrill-seeking campers. Taking on new challenges can help kids develop independence, self-confidence, and courage as they face fears and take chances. Campers will bond as they overcome obstacles and reach success together.

Extreme Adventure Specialties at Pali Adventures

At Extreme Action & Adventure Camp your child will have the opportunity to experience exciting activities such as zip lining, ropes courses, paintball, rock climbing, driving ATV quads, and laser tag.  Our expert instructors provide coaching and guidance to ensure your child’s safety and success in every activity.

With Pali in their corner, campers are given the chance to step out of their comfort zones in a safe and welcoming environment. Campers leave camp feeling accomplished after engaging in a week of exciting activities that they’ll be talking about for months.

Explore the Thrilling Activities Offered at Adventure Camp

Flying Trapeze

Our staff of professional trapeze artists brings aerial energy to Pali Adventures camp. With two outdoor trapeze rigs, campers take trapeze lessons with professional aerialists and be schooled in aerial ribbon activities.

Through Flying Trapeze, campers develop strength, balance, and flexibility all while learning tricks and conquering their fears.  Trapeze and aerial arts are also offered as electives for campers wanting to try the experience without specializing in the activity.

Water Sports

With the water sports specialty at Pali Adventures’ action camp, campers rise early and get out on the water first thing in the morning. Campers then get to take part in activities like water skiing, jet skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and wakeskating.

Whether this is their first time trying watersports or they’re a seasoned vet, campers receive daily semi-private lessons in order to get the right technique down. In addition to lessons, campers also receive instructions in water safety.


If your child can’t stop talking about motorsports of all kinds – from dirt bikes to ATVs and go-karting – then summer adventure camp at Pali is the perfect solution! With the motorsports specialty, campers are guaranteed to quench their need for speed as they learn the skills and techniques to safely hug curves in a motorized vehicle.

Campers also learn how to maneuver dirt bikes and ATVs with precision and safety under the skilled supervision of experienced and professional riders.

Hollywood Stunts

For all of the aspiring stunt-men and women out there, this specialty is the perfect fit. Campers learn world-class stunt tricks from experienced instructors. Shoulder rolls, high falls, hand-to-hand combat, and swordplay techniques are just a few of the skills that campers get to try their hand at, during the Hollywood Stunts specialty camp.

By the end of the session, campers have the opportunity to take a stunt dive off the roof of the Old Lodge.  Don’t worry parents, camper safety is priority #1 and campers only jump if they feel confident and pass stringent safety steps leading up to this mastery stunt skill.

Secret Agent

Bond, James Bond. At adventure camp, campers should be prepared for everything, including learning how to be a secret agent. In the Secret Agent specialty, campers participate in ropes courses, paintball missions, archery and riflery, martial arts and self-defense, and even an optional overnight mission.

Known by campers as SAC, Secret Agent Camp combines all of the high-action activities at Pali Adventures into one comprehensive super-adventure where campers get to complete secret missions all under a spy theme.

Personal Growth & Development

Taking positive risks can help kids develop independence, self-confidence, and courage as they face fears and take chances. Campers will bond as they overcome obstacles and reach success together.

But Extreme Action & Adventure Camp is more than just an adrenaline rush. Our campers also have the opportunity to develop new skills, gain self-confidence, and build lasting friendships. We provide a supportive and inclusive environment where campers can come together and explore new challenges, together. 

A Safe and Secure Environment 

We understand that as a parent, your child’s safety and well-being are your top priority–and it’s ours too! That’s why we have taken every measure to ensure that our programs are safe environments for all campers. Again, our staff are certified in CPR and First-Aid, and our facilities are regularly inspected to ensure they meet and exceed industry standards.

Summer is the perfect time for kids to let out all the pent-up energy they’ve been keeping under wraps during the school year. It’s also the ideal opportunity for young campers to create lifelong memories, make new friends, and learn exciting and fun new skills.  At adventure camp, kids are able to push themselves beyond their limits, where they’re met with a sense of achievement, self-confidence, and plenty of fun, too!

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