Become a Magician with Pali’s Magic Summer Camp Specialty

Summer Camp Teaches Magic Just for Kids

Does your child love impressing family and friends with magic tricks? Do they always have a new trick up their sleeve? Pali Adventures magic camp specialty will allow them to improve their magic skills and to develop their own magician’s persona while presenting spellbinding illusions for all to see!

Regardless of your child’s previous knowledge of magic, Pali’s magic camp specialty caters to all ages and skill levels. The week begins with learning the fundamentals of magic, as well as foundational tricks which lay the groundwork for more advanced techniques. As the week progresses, campers add to their arsenal of illusions, so that by the end of the session, campers return home to woo their friends and family with tricks usually performed by professional magicians!

Meet the Director of Pali’s Magic Camp

The director of magic camp, known fondly by campers as Zoltar, has been striving to be a magician since he was a kid. Zoltar’s fun philosophy on magic combines the ideologies of clowns, stuntmen, and even cops, as he teaches kids how to do tricks, to make people laugh, and how to manage an audience. Before working as an LA-based magician, Zoltar worked as a clown for the Ringling Brothers Circus, where he learned the ins and outs of magic.

Zoltar prides himself on being a mentor for aspiring magicians and tailors his lessons specifically for kids. In AN INTERVIEW WITH PALI ADVENTURES, he notes that “Many brick-and-mortar Magic Shops have closed down or moved online, and as a result, young magicians have been forced to learn tricks from YouTube or other how-to videos. They don’t have easy access to personalized instruction and that crucial element of feedback on their performances.” For this reason, Pali Adventures magic specialty focuses on teaching kids magic in an easy to understand way. Our week-long sessions break down each step of the process when learning new tricks, and give kids crucial feedback on their overall performance.

No matter if your child is a novice, or a seasoned magician, kids will be able to learn tricks which build upon each other, eventually grasping more advanced techniques.

A Typical Day Learning Magic At Camp

On the first day of MAGIC CAMP, campers will receive a starter Magic Kit which includes 150 tricks. Campers will learn close-up magic, sleight of hand, card tricks, and tons of basic illusions, too. Zoltar will also teach campers how to develop their magician persona on stage, along with performance techniques such as “patter,” which is the dialogue that the magician uses to engage the audience.

Campers will get to demonstrate their magic show routine in front of an audience of peers and counselors, in order to get feedback on their performance, before performing their routine for all to see at the Pali showcase. Campers will return home feeling confident with their new tricks and will likely want to put on a performance for the whole family!

The Benefits of Magic Camp

Pali’s magic for kids camp helps boost self-confidence and allows kids to overcome any fears they might have about performing in front of others. Zoltar, with the help of other camp counselors at Pali, makes sure to cater each camp session to specific campers’ needs, so children always leave camp feeling successful and accomplished. Zoltar’s magic program emphasizes teamwork and cooperation, encouraging campers to help each other out with new tricks and illusions. With a whole week devoted to practice, campers will have plenty of time to perfect their craft!

Campers will leave magic camp with a solid foundation for performing impromptu magic, and will feel confident breaking out some of their new tricks at a party, or just to impress their friends and family!

For more information on our magic camp specialty, visit the Pali website and ENROLL before summer session fills up!

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