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The classroom offers kids a wealth of knowledge that forms a foundation for future learning. When it comes to a deeper, immediately applicable knowledge in a specific subject that interests them, though, most school environments aren’t equipped to give kids what they’re looking for.

That’s where we come in. Pali’s aviation camp turns what would otherwise be an uneventful week of a child’s summer vacation into a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience. Here’s a glimpse into what makes Pali the best aviation summer camp for your budding pilot.

Learn About Aerodynamics

The first step to flying a plane is learning how it works. At our specialized aviation camps, your child will learn the fascinating physics that launch and keep multi-ton tubes of metal in the air. Campers discover the process that allows planes to take off and to fly and maneuver in the air, as well as the ways various weather patterns can affect them.

They’ll understand the reason planes are shaped the way they are and find out how minor structural changes can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful flight.

Learn the Anatomy of a Plane

While science-oriented kids tend to especially love the aerodynamics they learn about, those who are more mechanically inclined are interested in the actual parts that make planes fly. During our unique aviation camp, they’ll get all the juicy details.

Your child will have the opportunity to not just learn how a plane works but to see it. They’ll find out about the various parts of a plane, why each is important, and how they all come together to keep a plane in the air. For kids who may be interested in becoming aircraft mechanics in the future, this can be an opportunity to get a head-start on the knowledge they’ll need.

kids flying model airplanes

Operate a Flight Simulator

Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes, and there aren’t many tasks for which perfection is more important than flying a plane. For that reason, your camper will be able to use advanced virtual reality to simulate a flight.

They’ll be able to practice taking off and landing a plane from the safety of a virtual world. We use the most advanced flight simulation software available which also allows campers to simulate taking off, flying, and landing. It also lets campers test their skills in a variety of weather patterns, settings, and types of aircraft.

We can customize each child’s experience to their skill level to help them gradually improve until they’re proficient enough to walk into a cockpit of their own.

Build a Rocket

Aerodynamic flight isn’t limited to planes. During Pali’s aviation summer camp, kids will also get to know the principles of flight beyond our own atmosphere. They’ll find out the mechanics of how rockets work and the intricate technology that keeps them safe and functional.

Finally, campers will have the opportunity to put their knowledge to use by making their own homemade rockets. They’ll account for the weather and other variables in order to carry out a successful launch for their rockets as well. Our 250 acres in the Southern California mountains offer plenty of space to allow for a safe launch.

Get to Know Flight Controls

It may become second nature for pilots, but flying a plan is nowhere near as simple as driving a car. Most of us look at a cockpit full of controls and dials and it looks like an intimidating, futuristic contraption.

Aviation camp is your child’s opportunity to understand what all those controls mean. They’ll get familiar with the layout of a cockpit and its dashboard. Under the instruction of a knowledgeable pilot, they’ll learn how each of the controls affects their plane and how to juggle everything during the flight.

kids using flight simulation

Delve Into Flying Safety

Kids love the education and the experiences they get at our aviation camp, but this is every parent’s favorite part: the safety. Rest assured that we do not take flying lightly. Throughout the week-long summer camp, your child will learn not only how planes work but how to be safe around them as well.

They’ll find out how to do a basic inspection and how to be a safe future pilot. During their fun and hands-on activities, they’ll be supervised and assisted by experienced flying instructors who have worked with students of all ages and know how to keep your child safe in the air and on the ground.

Take a Test Flight

As much fun as it is to learn about flying a plane, nothing comes close to the real thing. Your camper’s fun and educational week all leads up to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually fly a plane. Our experienced instructor takes each camper up for a beautiful flight above the San Bernardino Mountains.

Your child will be able to do as much of the flying as possible based on their skill level, with the instructor assisting as needed and ensuring a safe flight at all times at our aviation camp. Campers will be able to put their new skills and knowledge to use, all under their instructor’s watchful eyes.

If your child is considering a career as a pilot, this is the perfect way for them to find out if flying is for them. Of course, they’ll also be excited to have the most brag-worthy summer to tell their friends about when school is back in session.

kids standing in front of a helicopter

The Best Aviation Camp

There is no shortage of summer camps in the Southern California area. As much fun as kids can have roasting s’ mores and singing camp songs (we do that, too!), some kids (and parents) are looking for more.

Aviation camp at Pali Adventures is one of a kind. For kids who are interested in science and engineering, the aerodynamic physics they learn will be invaluable. Better yet, kids will get a rare opportunity to get hands-on experience learning about and flying an airplane.

If you’d like to give your child a more educational and enriching experience this summer, get in touch with us to learn more about the best aviation summer camp around.

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