Best Movie Make-Up Summer Camp in Southern California

Maybe she’s born with it…. maybe it’s layers of foundation and liquid latex. That modified catchphrase rings true at Pali Adventure’s movie makeup summer camp.  If you have a kid who loves movies but would rather be behind the scenes (and not behind the camera itself) then they’ll love this specialty. It’s more of an art than it is a hobby – movie makeup is a true art form. 

For example – movie makeup artists are who we have to thank for all of the wounds we see in movies. From bullet wounds to blended eyeshadow, your artistic child will love this specialty.  Here’s what their week will look like, from the foundation to the finishing touches! 

They’ll Learn Makeup Styles and Trends 

When it comes to theater, you probably know the term “stage makeup”. You’ve probably put your child in it for a dance recital or a play before. You know what we mean – a dark eyeliner and a red lip with a heavy blush?  Well, that’s not just for children’s recitals. There are professional makeup artists that do makeup on Broadway shows and for the royal ballet. 

That makeup differs, though, from what someone would do if they were readying someone for an appearance on a late-night-show interview.  Your child will learn the different types of makeup and when which is appropriate.  They’ll learn what’s more important for which stage – like minimizing shine for the camera vs, exaggerating features for a dance presentation. 

a girl painting her face to look like a cat

They’ll Learn Application Techniques 

Makeup isn’t something you just slap on your face. That’s why there are so many tools and brushes on the market.  Your makeup artist-in-training will learn what to apply with what tool. The Beauty Blender (or sponge) is good for large full coverage areas. But you’re not going to apply powder with the same thing – you’ll get too much product on one spot. 

They may not know all the numbers of all the brushes in Sephora when they get back, but they’ll be able to recognize which are for what features, at the very least.  While they’re learning about application techniques, they’ll learn about different look trends. Like the dropped lid shape vs. a smoky eye.  After they’re done learning the very basics, it’s off to the sketching table. 

They’ll Create Their Own Looks 

Just like any other art form, it helps to sketch out what you’re thinking before you pick up your brush (or wand, or lipstick). Our counselors will teach children how to visualize a look and put it on paper.  From there, they’ll help your child bring their sketch to life. They’re there for them from choosing the right products to helping with application.  Those looks will be photographed and tweaked until the creator is happy with them.

a boy putting on a fake mustache

They’ll Have Daily Theme Challenges 

As a makeup artist, you never know what you’re going to get when you walk on set. You could be doing a zombie movie one day, and need to touch up Mrs. Doubtfire the next.  With the daily themes at camp, campers will stay on their toes and always create something new. Whether that’s an animal’s face, something grotesque and monster-like, or classic beauty.  Part of the daily theme challenges is character creation. How do you create one zombie that looks recognizable but different from the rest? 

They’ll Learn Injuries and Special Effects 

Liquid latex is a material kind of like rubber cement. You put it on a surface, it builds up into a shape, and then you let it dry. Once it’s dry, what was a 2D liquid is now 3D.  Now, with special glue, you can attach that 3D shape to someone’s’ face, or arm, or leg. That gives you something to build with when you’re creating makeup or special effects injuries. 

There’s quite a difference between a slash (which has two ridges on each side of the gash and a bullet wound, which is a hole with some irritation and blood around it.  Your child will even learn how to turn themselves into a zombie if they want to. We won’t serve them brains or encourage biting – don’t worry.  Whether your child decides to create their own Harry Potter lightning scar or something more gruesome, they’ll have the skills to do so at the end of the week. 

They’ll Collaborate With Other Campers 

We have many specialties at Pali Adventures. One of those is acting and another is film. Makeup artists will collaborate with both specialties to create movie makeup for fellow camper’s movies.  This involves listening to their fellow campers and co-creating specific looks. At the big showcase at the end of the session, they can see their work on the big screen.  The ability to work with (and on) someone else is a great feat of patience and understanding, which your child will practice with this specialty. 

They’ll Try Other Activities

We know that after a full morning of nothing but makeup magic, our campers are looking for a little variety.  Our goal at Pali Adventures is to provide every camper with a diverse camp experience that is exactly what they want it to be. To that end, each camper has the opportunity to choose several of our popular electives. 

We offer over 70 elective opportunities that many of our campers wouldn’t be able to experience in any other settings. Your child can experiment with arts and crafts.  Learn to make fun dishes in our culinary class. Fly through the air on a zip line or a trapeze. Hit the water. Learn to make beautiful music. Each day of their camping experience is a new adventure.

a girl painting her face

Why Choose a Pali Adventures as the Best  Movie Makeup Summer Camp?

There’s a little industry in Southern California you may know as Hollywood. That means that our instructors aren’t fresh off the bus or right out of MAC’s beauty school. They’re pros and they’re ready to help your child develop their talents.  Your child will harness their creativity, they’ll build self-confidence, and they’ll foster their self-awareness while painting theirs and others faces.  Ready to enroll? Click on the chat box to the right to get started!

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