Build An Unbreakable Bond With Your Child

Craig Emerson | Pali Mountain

Our connection to our children means everything.

Ongoing bonding through love, comfort, and guidance is a strong indicator of our child’s success in many areas of life and that connection may mean the difference between a confident child an insecure child.

Your connection is equally important throughout their lives: at all stages of development.

And while life with kids is busy and it’s not uncommon at the end of the day to  ponder whether you even sat face to face with your child, you are likely already engaging with your kids in ways you don’t realize.  Conversation about activities, friends, ands school foster a connection. But what if you went outdoors together? How much deeper could your connection be?

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” –Albert Einstein

Feeling stressed? Stress is often a huge barrier to parents engaging with their children. Spending time with your child out in nature will go a long way to increase emotional health and physical well-being for both you and your little one.

Play is universal code of children, so it only makes sense that we should try to connect with them though something that comes naturally. Playing together also gives our child the opportunity to view us as a confidant and not as a controlling or cranky parent.  Take to the woods – or just the backyard or local park – and engage with your children on a deeper level.



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