Dealing with Food Allergies at Summer Camp

How to Have a Fun and Safe Camp Experience When Your Child Has Food Allergies

Sending your child to camp is an exciting time, but it can be a bit scary if your child has food allergies.  Fortunately, most camps go above and beyond to ensure that every camper has a safe camp experience, with the food served at meal times being no exception.

Summer camp is an invaluable experience for every child, regardless of their dietary restrictions or other health concerns. Most summer camps, such as Pali Adventures, accommodate various food allergies to ensure that everyone can eat a delicious meal regardless of their dietary restrictions.

How Summer Camps Prepare for Campers With Food Allergies

Food allergies can be a huge concern for parents, so we do everything we can to ensure a safe eating environment for all of our campers at Pali Adventures. If your child has specific dietary needs or severe food allergies, our parent liaisons will be happy to create a plan with you before your child’s camp session begins to ensure that your child is always in a safe dining environment.

The camp staff at Pali Adventures will be happy to talk about your child’s unique dietary needs and food allergy symptoms. While most campers are not allowed to bring food into camp, we are happy to make an exception if your child has extreme allergies to ingredients commonly used in the dining hall.

Many camps go so far as to remove certain allergens completely from the campus. Pali Adventures, for example, is completely nut free.  We are used to accommodating campers from around the country – and around the globe — and believe that food allergies should never limit your options when it comes to choosing the perfect summer camp for your child.

Pali Adventures Is Prepared for Food Allergies

Pali Adventures has a medical staff on-hand 24/7, should any medical emergency arise. In addition, counselors and staff have all earned first aid, CPR, and AED certifications during the two-week long training session before camp begins.

With the exception of special dietary restrictions and allergies, Pali Adventures does not allow outside food into camp. This means that food is not allowed to be sent in care packages or given to your child on drop-off day. If you are thinking of sending your child a care package, read our BLOG POST for inspiration on what to send your camper to keep them busy!

Pali Adventures’ exceptional kitchen staff is equipped to accommodate almost all dietary restrictions. For any given meal, campers will have the option of eating vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free meals. With all of these options, children can always find something to satisfy their palate, as well as stay within the confines of their allergies.  Pali has you covered!

Talk To Your Child About How to Deal With Food Allergies at Camp

If your child has an allergy to something common, like peanuts, they are probably used to practicing safe eating habits at school or at home. Whether your child has food allergies or not, you may want to talk to them about how to recognize common food allergy symptoms should they, or a friend, experience any. It’s also important to make sure your child knows to notify a counselor immediately should they experience food allergy symptoms while away at camp.

While counselors at Pali Adventures will go over dining hall etiquette on the first day, you may still want to advise your child not to share food. To err on the safe side, talk with your child about any specific foods they should avoid at camp and make sure that your child knows what ingredients are in common foods. Should you have any questions about camp meals or food preparation, Pali staff is always here to help.

Rest assured that the counselors and staff at Pali Adventures strive to cultivate a safe food environment for all campers. This way, your camper can focus on fun, instead of food!

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