Finding Summer Camps in LA

It isn’t hard to notice why so many parents send their kids to summer camp in LA. With so many kids spending their summers on the couch, a summer camp is a healthy change of pace. On top of the exercise, camp is an enriching opportunity for kids to make friends, learn new skills, and generally develop more maturely.

When it comes to summer camp, giving your child a great experience all comes down to the camp you choose for them. Here’s how to find the best summer camp in LA.

What to Look For in a Summer Camp in LA

There is no shortage of summer camps in the LA area, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all your options. To make your decision easier, make a list of criteria and features and use it to rank each camp. Start your list with these necessities.

A Full Schedule

When your child is at camp, one of the worst things they can have is an open schedule. While you want them to have choices, those choices should fit into a busy, structured schedule throughout the entire day.

The busier a child is while they’re at camp, the less time they have to get homesick. Kids also tend to get into trouble when they’re bored, so an active schedule will help them stay just as well-behaved as they would be if you were standing over their shoulder. Of course, a schedule that is packed with activities also gives your child more for your money.

group of girls at summer camp

Customizable Options

As we mentioned, within a structured schedule, you want your child to be able to choose what they want to do.

It’s impossible for a camp of dozens or hundreds of kids to all enjoy the same activities at the same time. That could lead to just as much boredom and homesickness as your child would have if they had too much free time.

Instead, choose a camp that gives your child plenty of adventures to choose from at different points of the day. This ensures that they’re having more fun by only doing the activities they enjoy, and it also gives them a richer assortment of experiences. For example, at Pali Adventures, our campers get to choose several of our 70+ electives to fill their sessions every afternoon.

An Emphasis on Safety

Every parent wants their child to have a great time at camp. You don’t want them to endanger their lives in the process, though.

As you review different camps, take a close look at their safety measures. Make sure they have a low counselor-to-camper ratio, like our 1:3 ratio at Pali Adventures. Ensure that those staff members are all trained in emergency first aid, including CPR, blood-borne pathogens, and how to use an AED.

On top of all this, find out how far the camp is from the nearest emergency services. Even the safest-looking camp is a risk if it would take an ambulance an hour to go there.

boys riding on dirt bikes

Specialized Experiences

Building a variety of activities into each day can make a camp exciting and energetic. At the same time, if your child is doing something different every hour of every day, they merely scratch the surface for everything they’re doing.

While you want some of that variety in your child’s schedule, consider a camp that has more specialized experiences too. For example, at Pali Adventures, each of our campers chooses one of our 28 specialties, from fashion to sports.

Campers spend their mornings getting hands-on experience in that specialty, gaining in-depth knowledge they wouldn’t get anywhere else. Every afternoon, though, campers choose from a long list of electives so they can enjoy a range of activities each day.

Unique Adventures

When your child goes to a run-of-the-mill summer camp, they could have a great time playing kickball, hanging out with friends, and roasting s’mores. Those are all things they could do at home, too, though.

Look for a summer camp that offers your child amazing and unique experiences they may not have the opportunity to try again. We’re talking about things like learning to perform on a trapeze, making their own film, and even flying a plane.

Any of those activities would cost you hundreds or thousands on their own, so giving your child all those experiences in the same summer camp is a great value for your money.

Ample Social Opportunities

One of the most beneficial aspects of summer camp is the chance for your child to develop strong new friendships with people they never would have met otherwise. This experience can help your child build better social skills that can help them in every aspect of life.

To give your child that advantage, make sure they go to a camp that emphasizes social opportunities. For example, if your child has an uncommon interest and there is a camp that specializes in that interest, they’ll have the rare chance to meet other kids with the same interest.

This is also why it can be helpful for your child to go to a larger summer camp. A large group of campers gives them more opportunities to make friends.

Comfort in Nature

Part of the reason summer camp is such a unique change of pace is because it gives city-dwelling kids a chance to get outside their concrete surroundings and enjoy nature. Of course, you don’t exactly want your child to go weeks without showering because they’re roughing it in the woods, either.

Opt for a camp that has the ideal balance of the two. It should be distant enough to get your child into the fresh air, while still offering the modern comforts and amenities they need like good food, running water, and a secure place to sleep.

girl playing with bubbles at summer camp

Choosing the Best Summer Camp in LA for Your Child

Selecting a summer camp for your child is a difficult choice. If you make the right decision, you can set them up for an experience that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Pali Adventures is proud to meet all the criteria above. To find out more or sign up your child, read about our upcoming summer camp sessions.