Finding the Right Fashion Camp in LA

As a parent, you see that your child is a budding fashion mogul on their way up. You’ve noticed how your child’s head turns when they see a new style they love, and the way they follow the shifting trends from one season to the next.

If you want to help your child explore their growing fashion sense while also enjoying the many other benefits of a summer camp, a fashion camp is the perfect choice. If you’re trying to find the best fashion camp in LA, here’s what to look for.

What to Look For in a Fashion Camp

LA is a rich city for the arts, so you may find several fashion camps in your area. As you evaluate your options, look for these features to find the best fashion camp for your child.

Activities Across Several Aspects of the Fashion Industry

Fashion camp may be a more specialized niche than a general summer camp, but in truth, there is a wide range of activities and learning experiences a child can have in the fashion category. There’s defining and finding your personal style, sketching designs, measuring and fitting, sewing, modeling, and more.

Many fashion camps focus on one or a few of those aspects of the fashion development process. Unfortunately, if those don’t happen to be the aspects that appeal most to your child, the camp won’t be all that your child had hoped it would be.

Instead, choose a fashion camp that covers a wider range within the fashion industry. This not only makes your child more likely to have a great time, but it gives them a taste of many parts of the fashion industry so they can see what they enjoy and start thinking about their options for a future career.

A Wide Range of Options

Obviously, a fashion camp should focus on fashion. That shouldn’t be the only thing your child does for days at a time, though.

The way we structure our fashion camp and other specialized camps at Pali Adventures is by offering every camper a combination of focused sessions and elective activities.

Each morning, your child will be pursuing their passion for fashion. Every afternoon, they’ll be able to attend their choice of over 70 electives. In the evenings, we bring together our campers from all specialties for larger, camp-wide events.

As a result, campers never have a boring moment because there is always something new to experience.

The Perfect Location

When you think of a camp, you think of nature. It’s a great opportunity to get away from the busy atmosphere of the city and enjoy a healthy change of pace.

At the same time, you don’t want your child to go to a camp that is hours from civilization. That makes the check-in and check-out days stressful and time-consuming. It’s also a safety issue if your child isn’t within a reasonable distance from emergency services.

The trick is finding a camp that strikes the perfect: far enough to give your child a fresh environment but close enough to be safe and accessible.

A Diverse Group of Campers

If you ask anyone what they remember the most vividly from their childhood camp experiences, chances are that the friendships they formed will be on that list. Like other types of summer camps, fashion camp should give your child that rich social experience.

This is why your child may not benefit as much if they go to a camp that only caters to their local school or neighborhood. They’re in their social comfort zone so they don’t branch out and meet anyone new.

Instead, choose a fashion camp with a robust program that attracts campers from around the country and even around the globe. Your child will have the opportunity to get to know kids from countless different cities and backgrounds, giving them a deeper view of the world as well as close friendships to treasure for the rest of their life.

girl sewing at fashion camp

Something to Show

If your child goes to fashion camp and spends a week learning the basics of designing and creating new styles, they’ll have fun. If they also leave camp with a garment of their own that they dreamed up and produced from start to finish, it takes their experience to a whole new level.

Kids want to leave camp with more than stories. Having a garment they’ve made themselves to show off to their friends allows them to see the fruits of their work. It gives their confidence an unprecedented boost to have physical proof of their accomplishments.

Multiple Strategies to Learn

In designing and creating fashions, as well as in so many other skills, there are several ways to accomplish the same thing. If your child only learns one method, it could limit them as they try to expand their skills.

As you choose a fashion camp, find one that teaches several strategies for different stages of the fashion production process.

For example, our knowledgeable counselors at Pali Adventures’ fashion camp will help your child explore different ways to brainstorm their designs and flesh them out into full sketches. They’ll also teach your child how to do a variety of stitches by hand in addition to using a sewing machine.

This helps your child expand their abilities even further while learning which options work best for them.

girl at fashion camp

Finding the Best Fashion Camp in LA for Your Child

Fashion camp is an opportunity for your child to take time away from their daily routines to delve deeper into something they love. By choosing the right one, you can make their experience a memorable and fulfilling time that could even pave the way for a successful career.To explore our opportunities for fashion camp near LA, find out about our upcoming fashion camp sessions today.