Go Back to School with Confidence after Summer Camp in LA

If your child struggles with self-confidence, they’re not the only one. Around 70% of girls feel like they’re not good enough in some way. Boys suffer from the same self-doubts.

However, if you believe in yourself, you’re more likely to achieve your goals. So what do you do if your child has low self-esteem?

Affirming, confidence-building activities are the order of the day. You can find plenty of them at Pali Adventures. Close to Los Angeles, summer camp in the San Bernardino mountains focuses on fun and building self-confidence.

Keep reading to learn three ways to build up self-confidence at summer camp.

1. Confidence-building Activities

boys riding on dirt bikes

One of the best ways to build self-confidence is by doing hard things. As you push yourself out of your comfort zone, you’ll conquer your fears and realize just how much you’re capable of.

At Pali Adventures, we have over 70 activities for you to choose from. If you want a challenge, here are a few that offer a way to push your limits.

Zip Line

If you’re afraid of heights, there’s no better way to challenge yourself than to climb to the platform and jump off with nothing but your harness to keep you attached to one of our two zip lines.

It’s a thrill that should not be missed and one that will leave you feeling amazing.

Ropes Course

One of the best ways to push yourself beyond your limits is on the high ropes course. We have five options so you can pick one that matches how much you want to be challenged.

We recommend trying whichever course is just beyond your level of comfort so you have to work hard to achieve your goals.


Similar to the zip line, the flying trapeze will help you build confidence as you fly through the air. You can do this with other campers if you want, or take it on alone for the ultimate self-confidence boost.

Giant Triple Swing

Although you’ll be strapped in with two other campers, this is something that will help you believe in yourself more. After all, nothing quite builds your confidence like soaring through the air!

Tomahawk Throwing

These next three activities focus on learning a skill that will help you feel more confident.

The first of these is tomahawk throwing. A tomahawk is a small axe that is designed for this purpose. At our activity, you’ll have the chance to learn how to properly throw a tomahawk so you can hit a target.


As with tomahawk throwing, our riflery activity helps you build confidence by learning a new skill and hitting a target. To help you, our staff will guide you through creating goals for yourself and making sure you reach them.


There’s something extremely satisfying about pulling back a bow string, taking aim, and watching that arrow fly right to where you wanted it to go.

When you get good at hitting your targets with an arrow, you’ll start to feel confident that you can hit any target you set for yourself. This is why these activities help you build confidence.

Take what you learn when throwing a tomahawk, shooting a rifle, or shooting a bow and apply it to your school life. It’s all about setting a goal for yourself and then using the skills you have to put in the work it takes to reach that goal.

2. Make New Friends boy on ropes course

Sometimes, the best way to build self-confidence is to meet other people who believe in you. As it turns out, camp offers the perfect environment to forge lifelong friendships.

Here are a few of the reasons it’s so easy to make friends at camp:

Face-to-face Time

Because you have to leave your phone and other electronics at home, you’ll have a unique opportunity that many others won’t have. That’s spending quality time with your peers.

When you take the time to talk to someone face-to-face, it’s a fast and easy way to build a friendship with them. At Pali Adventures, you’ll have a whole week to unplug and do just that.

Shared Experiences

Another way to build a friendship is to share experiences. At summer camp, this is done through the many different activities we have to offer, some of which we mentioned above.

Common Interests

When you attend one of our many specialty camps, you’ll instantly have a way to connect with the other campers because you go into the week knowing you share a passion with them.

Some of our specialty camps are:

  • Acting
  • Cooking/culinary arts
  • Dance
  • Fashion
  • Motor sports
  • Science
  • Water sports

With so many specialties to choose from, you’re sure to find one that you’ll absolutely love and that will make it easy to connect with other campers.

3. Master a New Skill

Speaking of specialty camps, that’s also another way we help you build confidence while at camp. These camps allow you to focus on something you’re passionate about and teach you as much as can fit into a week.

As you learn about the subject of your choice, you’ll feel confident as you master it. Knowing you’ve learned new skills and gained knowledge will help you believe you can do anything.

Many of our specialty programs are also designed to challenge you so you can build self-confidence as you overcome each obstacle. We hope that when each of our campers leaves at the end of the week, they’re filled with a sense of self-worth that they take with them into the school year and beyond.

Looking for a Near to Los Angeles Summer Camp?

Now you know the three main ways you can build self-confidence this summer. If you want the best experience near Los Angeles, summer camp at Pali Adventures is the right choice.

Be sure to enroll in Pali Adventures today to secure your spot, especially if you want to attend one of our specialty camps. These fill up quickly, so you need to enroll soon!.