How Can You Join the #Optoutside Movement?

#Optoutside – Will You Go Out With Us?

“Last year we started a movement for people to reconnect outdoors over the holidays. We closed on one of the most popular shopping days of the year, paid our 12,000+ employees to spend time outside, and invited America to join us. The response was overwhelmingly positive. More than 1.4 million people and 170 organizations chose to #OptOutside.” – (REI Co-Op)

With a growing movement started just over one year ago, an amazing 6,033,922 people opted in to #optoutside in 2016. It started with one Black Friday call for people to spend their time outdoors rather than shopping. Consumers were encouraged to do anything outside:  running, hiking, kayaking, skiing and much more, and the people spoke, showing they preferred ‘experiences’ over ‘materials.’

The campaign continues! You can choose to #Optoutside every day, “It’s not just a rallying cry. It’s an everyday choice.” – REI. Just as REI wants the world to choose the outdoors, Pali Adventures offers a #optoutside summer camp.  Choose from 1 week to 9 weeks for your camper to #optoutside.

Kids Unplug at Pali 

A UCLA Study found that campers who unplugged from all technology showed an improved ability to read nonverbal social cues, confirming yet another benefit of what overnight camps all over the world have always guarded as an essential element of the camp experience.

Requiring our campers to take a step back from the technology of their everyday lives has been a tradition at Pali Adventures sleep away camp. We find that when campers stay overnight in cabin groups, without any distraction, they are able to focus better on their current surroundings and the people around them. Camp provides an incredibly unique opportunity for kids to interact with each other outside of school, in a safe and supportive environment. They form new friendships and strengthen old ones. They fully immerse themselves in the camp experience, without any outside interference, digital or otherwise.

#optoutside this summer and give your child the experience of a lifetime.

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