How Pali Adventures Keeps Kids Safe From Illness

There are close to 5 million germs on your child’s hands and arms right now. Some are annoying viruses like a summer cold or flu. Some cause tummy upsets. Some are downright dangerous.

Most of them can’t hurt your child or anyone around them so long as they stay on the outside of the body. At Pali Adventures, we care about keeping campers safe from minor and major illnesses. We have an established protocol to prevent contagious diseases from spoiling everyone’s fun.

Read on to learn more about how we prevent the spread of infection and illnesses.

Start With a Healthy Staff

At Pali Adventures, we welcome our staff from around the world. All of our staff undergo a health check before they are hired. Our staff arrives a full two weeks before campers for thorough training.

This two-week period allows us to isolate and monitor the health of our staff before they meet any children. Our staff training includes up-to-date information about hand washing and hygiene procedures.

Our core housekeeping, kitchen and medical staff are employed full-time, year-round and enjoy full benefits that include time off for illness. They do not work while ill.

We Have Protocols in Place

Our housekeeping staff cleans frequently used and touched places like bathrooms, showers, doorknobs, and light switches daily with an antiseptic cleaner. We deep clean in-between each session. If there is an outbreak of illness, we clean even more often.

Our staff undergoes training for hand washing and hygiene practices at the beginning of each summer. Campers must wash their hands with soap and running water before every meal. Dishes, glasses and table surfaces are cleaned and sanitized before serving.

We encourage frequent hand washing between activities and sanitizer use when hand washing is impractical.

Prevent Illness from Arriving

The Pali Adventures policy is that children may not attend camp if they are ill. We ask parents to please delay their children at least 48 hours if they had a viral illness, fever, diarrhea or any illness that required antibiotics.

We don’t want to expose anyone to an illness that may affect others. We ask parents to carefully consider if their child has been exposed to serious illnesses in the two weeks before their camp session.

To protect everyone’s health, children undergo a thorough health screening by our nurses at the camp entry. Children with a fever or other symptoms may be isolated and a parent asked to take them home.

Keeping Kids Healthy

Camp is exciting and active. We want children to enjoy every moment at Pali Adventures, so we teach children to wash their hands, cover their coughs and avoid touching their faces. Parents may want to make sure their children have hats or headbands to keep hair out of mouths and faces. This can prevent children from touching their mouths or eyes.

We make sure to remind children to keep hydrated, eat healthy meals and get adequate sleep too. Counselors monitor children day and night and our nurses attend sick calls multiple times per day.

Registered Nurses on Duty

We maintain a fully stocked infirmary staffed by a registered nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If a camper becomes ill, we can isolate the camper and notify parents quickly. Our nurses maintain a stock of over the counter medications to help keep campers comfortable.

If there is a medical emergency, paramedics are less than four-minutes away, the local hospital is less than 10 minutes away. We maintain close contact with local health authorities in case of outbreaks of infectious disease.

Fresh Air and Wide Open Spaces

In addition to frequent hand washing and surface cleaning, we take care that our campers spend time in the fresh air and sun. Germs love the dark and damp, so we make sure that campers spend most of their time in the dry mountain air.

Our 274 acres mean that there is plenty of room to move and breathe.

Staying Healthy and Having Fun at Pali Adventures

Keeping our campers healthy is serious business at Pali Adventures. We have long-standing practices in place to reduce infection risks. We maintain handwashing and hygiene practices in line with guidelines from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control.

We welcome staff and campers from around the world with the proper precautions to maintain a healthy and infection-free camp. Our nurses are well-trained and up to date with local health authorities.

We’re looking forward to an exciting summer!