How to Choose the Perfect Summer Camp For Your Child

Tips to Find the Right Camp for Your Child

Many parents choose learning-based camps for their children, like computer camp, math camp, robot camp, writing camp. But there are also benefits to giving kids the whole summer off from school. School is hard on growing children emotionally and intellectually and this break is a time for them to recharge. But just because they’re not in a classroom or taking notes, it doesn’t mean they’re not learning.

Some things to consider when choosing the right camp for your child:

  • Camp lengths: There are day camps, one-week camps or multiple-week camp options.
  • Specializations: Sports, performing arts and other interests.
  • Camp types: Coed or single-sex camps, this also extends to multi-age and family camps.
  • Guidance: Think about how your child handles problems big and small. How much guidance does your child want or need?

So – now that leaves the question: what kind of summer camp program should I enroll my child in? Explore our specialties.