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How to Register for Summer Camp: Everything you Need to KnowSummer

Camp Registration Tips

Once you’ve selected a summer camp for your child, now comes the fun part: registration. Registering early for summer camp will make your overall experience less stressful and ensure that your child is able to secure a spot at the camp of their choice. Read below for Pali’s tips on how to register for summer camp.

Stay Organized

Many camps start registering for the following summer as soon as camp ends.  Registration deadlines (especially those with pricing incentives) can easily sneak up on parents. One of the best tips for staying on top of registration dates, especially if you’re looking at multiple camps, is to keep a planner or Excel sheet handy which will allow you to note important deadlines.

During your camp research, be sure to register for mailing lists, to receive marketing materials, and request a brochure which should outline deadlines and enrollment logisitcs.

Make sure you coordinate your summer camp dates with any other plans you have for the summer. For example, you don’t want to accidentally schedule your child’s camp session at the same time as a family vacation or summer school events and classes. Pencil in all of your summer plans ahead of time and then look for camps to fill in any gaps.

Register Early

Camp has always been popular, but with summer programs becoming more and more specialized, summer camp has become a staple activity for kids all over the country. There’s nothing worse than your child being stuck on the waitlist for their favorite camp because you waited too long to register, so make sure you keep an eye on enrollment dates.

In addition to securing a spot for your child, registering early can also help you to save money since many camps offer early registration incentives.

Have All Your Forms Ready

After enrolling for camp, you will need to complete your registration which includes all of the information the facility needs to know about your child:  medical forms, health insurance information, emergency contacts, and often a short write up of your child:  what they like, their interests and any bunking requests. When you sit down to actually begin filling out your camp forms, make sure you have all of your medical information ready to go. You’ll need to complete your medical forms in order to fill in critical information during the registration process, including all health insurance information, lists of allergies, and dietary restrictions. Don’t wait until the day before you register to organize all of the medical forms you will need, as this can lead to a stressful scramble at the last minute.

Check Your Work

As you fill out the registration forms, double check your work to make sure that everything is accurately filled out. Missing a step and accidentally leaving something blank can lead to delays in processing your child’s registration.

Invite Your Child to Be Part of the Process

Don’t be afraid to let your child help you in the registration process. While you may be filling in the bulk of the information, let children participate as well. Getting involved with the summer camp registration process will help your child understand what to expect. Encourage them to browse the website and become familiar with the camp itself, view photos and read about activities and schedules. If your child is nervous about being away from home, being involved in the registration process will help them feel connected to camp before they even arrive.

Be Proactive About Payment Due Dates

It’s also important to know whether your camp requires up-front payment, or if they will accept payment plans. It’s also important to know what forms of payment are accepted. Knowing whether your camp takes credit cards, checks, or both is an important detail. You should also plan your payment ahead of time so that you aren’t caught off-guard by unexpected fees.

As an aside, you may also want to consider purchasing cancellation insurance in the event that your child has to withdraw due to unforeseen circumstances. With insurance, you’re guaranteed to receive a portion of your camp tuition back based on the date you cancel.

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