How to See Summer Camp Pictures of Your Kids While They’re at Camp

Get the Lowdown on What’s Happening With Summer Camp Pictures

When you send your child to summer camp, you are sending them on an adventure of a lifetime where they will meet tons of new friends, learn new things, and make memories that will last forever. It may feel difficult to be at home away from them, even though you know they are having a great time.  Scrolling through summer camp pictures is a great way to connect with your child and help to alleviate the “empty nest” feeling; when you see that your child is having fun, smiling, and trying new things, it’s much easier to be away from them.

Seeing kids have fun through camp photos gives parents peace of mind that their child is safe and having a blast. At Pali Adventures, a team of photographers work to take hundreds of camper’s photos every day, which are then posted to the Pali Portal.  This allows parents to get a candid glimpse into their kids’ daily lives while they’re away at summer camp. These summer camp images also provide parents a way to “check up” on their kids and to make sure they look happy and healthy.

The Value of Summer Camp Photos

Because summer camp pictures are downloaded daily to the Pali Portal, parents can watch friendships and adventures unfold as the days and weeks go by. Browsing through camp photos can help parents feel more connected to their child’s summer camp experience, especially if their child is going to be away at camp for many weeks at a time.

Parents love to download photos of their child trying new things with new friends to save as keepsakes forever. After the camp session is over, you can go through the summer photos with your child, letting them narrate their experiences as they recall all of their fond memories. Looking back through old camp photos during the school year will help get your child excited for next year at camp, and can even serve as an escape from the stresses of the school year.

Keeping Up With Your Child at Pali Adventures

Pali Adventures posts summer camp pictures to the portal every day during the camp season.  Seeing your child participate in specialties and electives can help you brainstorm ideas for care packages and letters.

If your child is looking a little pink in some pictures, send some sunscreen in your next care package.  If their favorite t-shirt is looking tired and ragged, send a new shirt from the camp store.

At Pali Adventures, a dedicated staff of photographers and  specialty directors carry cameras with them at all times to make sure parents don’t miss out on any of the fun; over 400 photos are posted every day.

How to Access the Pali Portal to View Summer Camp Images

Summer camp images can be accessed via the PALI PORTAL. Parents and guardians who are listed as the primary or secondary contact for campers automatically have access to the summer camp pictures in the Pali Portal.

First, you’ll set up a password using the email address that was used to enroll in camp. Once the password has been set up, parents can view, save, and share their camper’s photos and videos. Parents can also send one-way email messages and more from the Pali Portal.

In looking through summer camp images on the Pali Portal, you’ll see countless photos of your child enjoying time with new friends, learning new skills, testing their limits, and having a blast all summer long.

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