Get ready to enter a brand new fantasy world of heroes and villains! Imagine the Live Action Role Playing of ABC’s “The Quest”, add in the camaraderie and teamwork of summer camp, and throw in some Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) for good measure!

  • Ongoing D&D campaigns
  • Develop your own LARP/D&D character
  • Design your character’s costume, or bring your own!
  • Boffer building
  • Archery and tomahawk-throwing challenges
  • Build campaigns, quests and challenges
  • Fight an epic final battle to defeat evil


Pali is known for being a place where campers can be themselves and not worry about what anyone thinks, and this specialty is no exception. This is an environment where everyone fits in – the ideal place for imaginative kids to come and play the roles they’ve always wanted to play.

Campers participate in interactive games that allow them to be physically, socially and mentally active – all while being completely unplugged from technology. We believe that the importance of creative play in the healthy development of a young person cannot be overstated. This specialty camp provides that creative opportunity in an incredibly unique way. Campers use their imaginations in problem-solving and storytelling on a daily basis, and come home with best friends among their fellow adventurers!

Our programs allow participation at all ability levels – so it’s CAMPER’S CHOICE. We love to see campers explore activities they have only dreamed about – with no pressure to already have experience.  We tailor an experience to each camper’s ability.

How to get to LARP summer camp from Anaheim, Long Beach or San Diego.

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