Preparing Your Camper and Yourself for Summer Camp

Sending your kid to sleep away camp can seem overwhelming, but we are here to help.

Join us for a 30-minute webinar series hosted by the Pali Adventures leadership team. In our first episode, we cover positive reasons to send your child to sleep away camp, what communication is like during camp, and expectations with your child about camp.

Q: I’m not even sure what to pack everything in, duffle, trunk, suitcase?  Can you advise?
What you decide to use to pack for camp can depend on a few factors, such as travel distance to camp and how long your child is going to stay. In most cases, a duffle bag or suitcase will suffice for a week to two weeks of camp. A camper may opt to being two bags, but please keep in mind that if you are staying for 3 or more weeks, laundry service will be available to your camper on the first day of their third week. You can read more about how you should pack for summer camp on the Pali Blog.

Q: Is it unusual for a child to do a four week combined session? 
It is not unusual for a child to enroll in four or more weeks of summer camp. In fact, we regularly have campers enrolled for multiple weeks up to the entire 9 weeks of camp!

Q: My son age 10 and daughter age 8 are coming on their first camp…  will they get to spend time with each other?
While we do not force any campers to spend time with each other, there are times every day when the entire camp will come together for fun events and evening activities. Campers who come together as a family and are within one year in age and the same gender can opt to bunk together if they so choose. Campers can also enroll in the same afternoon electives, or even the same speciality.

Q: When do we sign up for the afternoon electives?
Campers are free to choose three afternoon electives in the morning each day. Electives run for approximately an hour per period, with some exceptions of double periods or full day electives such as watersports, or high ropes course.

Q: What timeframe is arrival on the first day and pickup deadline on the last day?
How long should be allotted for drop-off and pick-up to ensure all forms are filled out?
Our gates open for arrival day at 11:00 am local time. Please do not arrive any earlier as there will not be any parking available and no one will be able to let you in from the gate. Arrival day typically takes a couple of hours if parents opt to stay through the entire process instead of simply drop-off. Pickup window for departure day is between 10:00 am and noon local time. Please schedule about an hour for picking up your camper.

Q: Our son takes a prescription medication in the morning and evening, is this a challenge, and how do we handle it? What about antihistamines?  Do kids need prescriptions for all medications including OTC?
All prescription medications must be checked in to our wellness center, to be distributed at its directed time by one of our on-site nurses. If your child is permitted to take an over the counter medication while at camp, it must be documented in the medication section of the Pali Parent Pack. Most all common OTCs are available at camp, but if you prefer your child take a specific brand they may bring and check it in with the nurse.

Q: Do bug repellents count as medications, or are they allowed in the cabins?
Bug repellents do not count as medications, and they are allowed in the cabins. We do however require that any aerosol sprays be kept away and only used when outside as they can smell.

Q: How do you classify campers between junior or senior level?
Campers who are 12 years of age or younger are classified as a junior camper. Campers 13 and over will be classified as senior camper.

Q: How do you decide cabin assignments?
We assign campers to cabins based off of their age, gender, and speciality. We try to group campers together who have similar interests, and do our best to keep a mix of new campers with established camp veterans.

Q: I would like my twin girls in separate bunks, how do I ensure that?
All bunking requests are taken into consideration in the order that we receive them. Please be sure to leave your request in the Pali Parent Pack. Additionally, you can give our Parent Liaisons a phone call to confirm that your bunking request has been received.

Q: How long are the kids allowed for showering? You mentioned there were up to 3 bathrooms per cabin, does that include 3 shower facilities?
Cabins are given time in the morning and at night to shower, and our showers are all closed doors to allow for privacy. Up to 3 showers are available in the cabins, and we try to keep shower times around 5 – 10 minutes.

Q: What is the evening protocol for the youngest campers? 
Junior campers get to partake in similar, if not the same, activities as the senior-level campers. The junior campers have an earlier lights-out time of 10pm, with the option to go to bed earlier if they choose.

Q: When will we receive the medical packet to have filled out?
The Pali Parent Pack will automatically send to the email you used to enroll your camper. Every year the parent pack is updated and e-mailed out between April – May. If you have not received your Parent Pack within 3 weeks of your child’s first day of camp, please contact us at (909) 867 – 5743.

Q: Can we find a dress code list on the website?
At Pali Adventures we believe that if you as a campers parent or guardian are ok with the clothing they are wearing, then we are OK with it too. We do require that campers wear closed toed shoes and shorts are no shorter than the camper’s fingertips. Any clothing with suggestive or crude language is not to be worn at camp. You can find our suggested packing list in the enrolled parent center of our website.

Q: What if a child gets sick?
We have trained medical staff on call 24 hours a day at our wellness center. In the event of an emergency, we have emergency medical services are only a few short miles away. If your child spends more than 8 consecutive hours in the infirmary, spends the night, has a temperature in excess of 100 degrees (after 4 hours), is involved in an accident requiring first aid treatment by one of our Registered Nurses, is sent to the hospital for treatment, or has antibiotics prescribed, our medical staff will inform you of your child’s status. If it is a minor scrape or slight cut requiring basic first aid you will not be notified.

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