Reasons to Send Your Child to Summer Camp in Southern California

Southern California Summer Camps Have Everything You Need

While there are tons of amazing summer camps located all across the U.S., there’s nothing quite like the summer camps in Southern California. For some, deciding where to send your child to summer camp can feel a tad overwhelming—there are so many amazing summer camps all over the country. While summer camps in every region of the country have their upsides, be sure to consider specific factors that are important to both you and your child.

If your child loves outdoor activities, you may not want to send them to a camp in a super rainy region. If your child is really looking forward to water sports and activities at summer camp, be sure to send them to a camp that offers those activities.. If you and your family have lots of other travel plans over the summer, you may want to send your child to a summer camp closer to home to give them a break from traveling.

Summer camps in Southern California often appeal to families because of a wide range of benefits and conveniences, as well as the high likelihood of great weather throughout their stay. Many summer camps in Southern California offer everything that both kids and parents are looking for—here are a few reasons why.


Summer in Southern California is pleasantly warm, but not so hot that being outdoors is uncomfortable. Campers who attend Pali Adventures or other camps in Southern California should definitely bring sunscreen, as the sun is out almost every day of the summer. Rain in Southern California is rare, so the chances of getting activities being rained out at summer camp are very low.

With a pleasant climate, kids are more likely to participate in outdoor activities at camp, which is a good thing.  Pali Adventures offers a wide variety of outdoor activities and specialties, including water sports, extreme action, flying trapeze, zip line, skateboarding, and more.

Located Close to a Wide Range of Activities

Southern California’s diverse landscape includes mountains, lakes, beaches, and parks. At Pali Adventures, some families who are coming from out-of-state end up staying near the camp for a fun vacation of their own, while the kids are off at camp.

Attending camp in the Southern California mountains allows for activities in wide open spaces that would be impossible to find in more urban areas of the country. Pali Adventures’ facilities include off-road tracks that weave through the forest surrounding the campground. The amazing landscape of Pali Adventures also allows for a zip line, large open fields, ropes courses, a swimming pool, archery ranges, hiking trails, paintball courses, tree top viewing decks and a pond.

A Rural Escape in Southern California

For campers who are coming from Los Angeles or San Diego counties, camping in Southern California can provide a healthy escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Pali Adventures’ 274 acres of gorgeous open land is remote enough to provide a real camping experience, while still being close enough to home.

Summer Camps in Southern California Attract Campers from Near and Far

Summer camps in Southern California attract families and campers from across the country and all over the world. At Pali Adventures, your child may share a cabin with campers from other states and around the globe, and get to spend time with counselors from as far away as Great Britain or Australia.

Summer camps in Southern California are the ultimate way to get your child moving, making friends, and enjoying nature during the summer time. Enroll in Pali Adventures now and give your child the best Southern California summer adventure ever!

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