Returning Counselor: Meet Dandi

Nice to Meet you, Dandi!

What is your story?

My name is Dandi (short for dandelion) and I am a counselor in the action sports specialty! I was born and raised in Iowa and grew up going to Girl Scout camp and various volleyball and soccer camps, but none of them were as awesome as Pali is! I just graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Elementary Education and special education. I came to camp last year because I wanted to do something different than my usual day care or nanny jobs in Iowa. Pali really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I loved it. The counselors were the coolest people I have ever met and the campers were just as awesome. Every day at Pali is different and exciting and I can’t wait for another summer in my favorite place!

How did you first find out about Pali?

I found out about Pali while searching for cool summer camps to work at. I wanted to get out of Iowa and do something different and Pali caught my eye right away. It stood out to me because of all the different specialties and activities they have to offer for campers. I was so excited when I was offered a position!

What are you most excited about #Palicamp18?

I am most excited to reunite with my campers from last summer. I have a box full of letters and notes that campers gave me before they left camp last year and I read them whenever I’m missing camp. It’s so cool knowing how much these kids look up to us.

What do you LOVE about Pali?

What I love most about Pali is how okay it is to be yourself. Everyone is outgoing and silly all the time and you learn to stop caring what people think about you. Kids are allowed to be who they want to be and feel comfortable knowing that the counselors are just as awkward and goofy as they are. The counselors love to embarrass themselves to make the campers laugh. I started to actually enjoy letting a camper shove my Sunday sundae in my face or being thrown into a pool fully clothed and having to walk around camp soaking wet. No one is “too cool” for camp or the crazy things we do at Pali!

What is your FAVORITE food at Pali?

My favorite food at camp is obviously midnight delight! I go for the chocolate chip cookies. If we’re talking about my favorite meal at Pali, then it’s spaghetti night. (If you don’t mix the red and the white sauce, you are missing out.)

Since camp she has cut and donated her hair! Way to go, Dandi!