Returning Counselor: Meet Jules

Let’s meet Jules!

What’s your story?

I’m 25 years old and work in the travel industry, but love to get into the outdoors and have a fun time! I live in Sydney, Australia so make the most of the beach and city life, but I’m looking forward to getting back to the mountains again. This will be my second year at Pali, first coming in 2016 and having last year off, so I’m excited to see some familiar, and new faces!

 How did you find out about Pali originally?

In November of 2015 I was thinking about camp and was checking out the CCUSA website when I found out my university housemate was keen to go as well. He told me about Pali as his mum’s best friend is Hamms’ mum! Turns out Hamms is from where I’m from, and it sounded like the perfect camp, and I was lucky enough to be able to go and have 4 friends from home working there too!

What are you most excited about #PaliCamp18?

Seeing all the familiar campers again, and meeting some cool new kids! That was my favourite part about camp, bonding with the campers, so I’m keen to do it again! Also, I love getting out to the lake and taking the kids on the boats!

What do you love about Pali?

The spirit among everyone to just have a really great time, and to help each other enjoy every day! Even when someone is feeling down, everyone always tries to come together to help them through.

Favorite photos?

This is my favourite photo, it’s of me with some campers from Saudi Arabia who made me a matching tshirt in the tye dye elective. It says ‘friends’ in Arabic which is pronounced ‘habibi’, it became a really popular saying around the camp and it shows how multiculturalism teaches all the kids something new! I also attached a photo of me taken out at the lake with one of the flag signs, doing my life guarding was tough but definitely worth it for the weekly afternoon at the lake!

I also love this picture of me in Japan. I love to travel whenever I can!
Thanks, see you in the summer!