Returning Counselor:
Meet Pokedex

What is your story?

Hey! I am a 23 year old social care worker from Ireland living outside a small town called Wexford. I am very energetic and love the outdoors, although I love my tv and books too! My obsessions include but are not limited to Pokemon, Naruto, Harry Potter and Food! My biggest flaw is that I am still a child at heart although it proves to be a valuable asset when working in my profession. I am energetic, always excited, definitively a whole lot of weird !! and love working with others.

How did you first find out about Pali?

I applied for the J1 program through CCUSA. I heard back from two camps at the same time due to a mishap on the system. I interviewed with both camps, one being the AMAZING PALI! After talking with Hamm’s the director I was impressed with the camp and wanted to know more. When he asked me to join the team I couldn’t say yes fast enough!! Then after the most amazing summer of my life Hamm’s contacted me again and asked me if I was up for round 2 in 2018.

What are you most excited about #Palicamp18?

The list of things to be excited about is endless, meeting all the new camp counselors, reconnecting with the returning ones, engaging with the campers for specialty, making a fool of myself for evening activities, the food….this list goes on but I truly cannot wait to see the campers I met last year and see how they have grown since summer 2017 and I want to meet all of the new campers, the campers are what make PALI so special.

What do you LOVE about Pali?

I love how although it is a structured program and activities, meals, jobs etc. are structured and repeated for the entire summer, everyday is still a new experience, you may have belayed 100 campers up to the leap of faith but the 101st person is still a new individual facing their fear. We the counselors impact on the lives of the campers while they doe the same for us and thus we grow and change because of these interactions.

What is your FAVORITE food at Pali?

Oh I love all of the foods but Mac n Cheese day is my favorite!! followed by yellow day!!!