Returning Counselor:
Meet Taz

Nice to Meet You, Taz!

What is your story?

Well.. My formal name is Tasmanian Devil but I prefer to go by Taz. I was an Army Brat which means I have lived all over the place. I moved every two years from the East Coast to the West Coast from Europe to Asia and all places in between. I am a band geek (tenor, baritone sax) for life and a theater nerd for fun.

How did you first find out about Pali?

I found out about Pali from a friend, Starfire! She worked here for Pali Institute as a counselor. I was looking for a closer summer camp to work at since I moved up here and my original camp was in Orange County so she told me about Pali Adventures and the rest is historyyyyyy.

What are you most excited about #Palicamp18?

I am most excited about and usually excited about each summer is meeting the new counselors and creating new bonds and seeing all the new and old campers coming back. Also, standing on a chair! haha

What do you LOVE about Pali?

I love the craziness of Pali. The fact that every waking moment of every day is always throwing something new and exciting at you.

What is your FAVORITE food at Pali?

The baked potato bar. Hands down.