Returning Counselor: Meet Tropic

Nice to meet you, Tropic.

What is your story?

After attending Pali as a camper; an aspiring movie makeup artist, I advanced my work and eventually it led me right back to where I started!
I’ve worked with award winning makeup artists and despite that, my favorite job was always coaching synchronized swimming. Why? Because I loved working with kids and being able to be a positive influence in their lives!
The next logical step was to combine my two passions and apply for Pali!
How did you first find out about Pali?
I was a camper in 2013 and we found the camp while looking for special effects makeup camps.
Couldn’t wait to get back to California as a counselor after that!

What are you most excited about #Palicamp18?

The new movie makeup curriculum I’ve been working on since last summer!
But most importantly being able to see my campers again! Miss them so much!!!

What do you LOVE about Pali?

Everything! The people, the campers, the energy, the location. I couldn’t ask for a better job.

What is your FAVORITE food at Pali?

Yellow day! Shoutout to the vegetarian counselors who would give me their corn dogs on yellow day. They were the real mvp’s.