Street Art | If you can imagine it, you can PAINT it!

You came, you saw, you spray painted!

Brand new for Summer 2017 is the highly anticipated STREET ART specialty. Take your art work from the streets to Pali where it will be displayed for all to see. You and your fellow campers will share you colorful master-pieces with the entire camp.

It is safe to say that street art has found it’s way into the core of contemporary art. Street art has evolved into complex forms of artistic expression, including; graffiti, stencils, prints and murals. Modern age street art expression can be traced back to the early 1920’s, from the work of New York gangs. Then, onto the 1970’s when the cultural movement hit a turning point when the younger generation took their socio-political movement to the streets.

Where once street art was known as an illegal activity, it is now a well known art form and moved its way into art galleries and global art markets. Such artists as Banksy, where he joined the scene late in the development of modern street art and is well known to be the most influential artist today.

Be part of the evolution and diversity of street art and give birth to jaw dropping murals!

From sketching to visualization to specific street art methods, this exclusive new specialty will culminate with your swag mural for all of Pali Adventures session campers to see!

• Visualize
• Sketch
• Be creative outside of everyday art
• Paint with spray paint and non-comformative methods to spawn visual art for public locations

How to get to Street Art Camp from Anaheim, Long Beach and San Diego.

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