The 5 Reasons Why the Dining Hall at Pali Adventures is the Best

The 5 Reasons Why the Dining Hall at Pali Adventures is the Best!

By Taz – Entertainment Director & Junior Counselor Mentor

Reason #1 – Me, the Tasmanian Devil.

First and foremost, I am in charge of all things entertainment here at Pali, and that includes the Dining Hall. When you come to Pali, you get to hear my most ridiculous stories of what happened to me as a child, aka Baby Taz. Don’t think that is too funny? Wait until you hear about how my Granny thinks I tried to kill her, or how I thought I could parkour and pretty much knocked myself out! My life is chaos and the stories that come from it inspires some of my best mealtime entertainment.

Reason #2 – Hello … Dancing!

At Pali, we love to dance. From old to new dance moves, we have them all covered and we love to have everyone join in while we boogie in the dining hall. Everyday, every meal, we will move our bodies to some of the best dance songs. From the Cupid Shuffle and the Cha Cha Slide, to the Whip and Nae Nae or Juju on the Beat, we cover all the best songs and the coolest dance moves out there.  Don’t like to dance?  Just wait!  Everyone gets their moves on in the dining hall!

Reason #3 – Standing on Chairs

In the Pali Dining Hall we don’t just sit on our chairs – we stand on chairs! Yes, I said STAND ON CHAIRS!!!  We encourage our campers and counselors to get into the music playing in the dining hall. If our campers want to belt out their favorite song at the top of their lungs while standing on a chair, they do it. We even have a remix of the classic Bon Jovi song, “Living on a Prayer” as “Standing on a Chair!” This has become one of our favorite camp traditions at Pali. But, we don’t just sing on the chairs. There are all types of games that we play that require you to stand on a chair… and you DO NOT want to be the last one up!

Reason #4 – Cabin Competitions

Have we mentioned our popular Cabin Competitions?! These are fun challenges that I put on in the Dining Hall, and the best cabin wins. These activities can be anything from playing Apples to Apples to music trivia. We always have something fun and wild happening to keep the meals lively.

Reason #5 – KPAL & The Wanted Board

Last but not least, we have our KPAL News Broadcast and the Wanted Board. KPAL is created by our Broadcast Speciality campers and we watch it together every night. We get a true insider’s look at what other specialties are doing during the day through interviews by the broadcast specialty campers.  Not only do we get to watch KPAL but also we get to see who ends up on the “Wanted Board” for the next morning. Being placed on the Wanted Board means that you will be the target of raids all day long! Shaving cream, water balloons, campers chasing you … it’s pretty fantastic to say the least.

Boom! 5 reasons why our Dining Hall is the best!
Can’t wait to see you this summer! WOO!

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