Top 5 All-Time Best List of Summer Camp Activities

Get in on the Fun With the All-Time Best Summer Camp Activities

It’s no secret that summer camp is tons of fun, no matter where you go and what age you are when you attend. Kids come home raving, already super excited to go back next summer for even more fun. With new friends, newfound independence, and a much-needed break from the school routine, summer camp is an experience like no other that will create memories to last a lifetime.

This list of summer camp activities includes classic camp activities in addition to a list of camp activities that are unique to Pali Adventures. These summer camp activities will get you and the kids super excited for a summer full of adventures and brand new experiences.

1) Ropes Course

At Pali Adventures, campers can choose what they will do from a list of summer camp activities that includes all of the daily electives. The ropes course is one of the most popular electives, as it offers three separate courses for campers of all different skill levels. During the ropes course, campers are challenged to push their limits, gaining muscle, confidence, and team working skills in the process. Campers finish the elective feeling accomplished and strong.


2) Water War

While water wars are common to many summer camps, the water war at Pali Adventures is completely unique. Campers prepare for this epic water battle all week long, and the event itself takes place every Friday. The water battle includes water balloons, water guns, and even shaving cream. Sometimes, there is even a guest appearance from fire trucks that come to spray the kids.


3) Pandemonium

Pandemonium is one of Pali Adventures’ most unique special activities. A game show that involves racing, water balloons, whipped cream, war cries, and surprise challenges, Pandemonium inspires some of the goofiest moments at Pali Adventures. Expect some unpredictable game show hosts and total hilarity when you join in the fun.


4) Color Chaos

In the list of summer camp activities at Pali Adventures, color chaos is perhaps the most bright and colorful of all. The sports night begins as as epic color war and evolves into an evening of action and athletics. The activity combines classic sports with more specialized games—think soccer, dodgeball, and quidditch all in one night.


5) Bananarama

Bananarama is a super silly, super creative activity that encourages a healthy dose of teamwork and spontaneity. Campers split into teams, where they are given one banana per each side. Teams must then accomplish banana-oriented tasks in order to gain points. Tasks might include things like “give your banana a makeover,” and “make your banana photobomb someone.” Prepare for an evening of competition and tons of giggles.


Other Activities You’ll Love

It’s hard to choose the top five all-time best activities at Pali Adventures because the list of fun summer camp activities is so vast. With a super fun combination of traditional and unique summer camp activities, electives and activities at Pali Adventures never get old. Other traditional elective activities offered at camp include water tubing, a rock climbing wall, a log roll, and mountain biking.

Unique activity options at Pali Adventures include a counselor auction where camp cabins bid together for an evening of activities spent with their favorite counselor. Campers can also participate in Mimic Mania, where cabins and counselors work together to choreograph a dance routine to a favorite song. Campers get decked out in wacky costumes and rock out on stage in front of the whole camp for an epic lip-sync battle.

The list of summer camp activities at Pali Adventures goes on and on. Campers return year after year, excited to participate in their favorite electives and activities as well as try out new ones. For Pali Adventures’ campers, summer camp activities will go down in history as some of the most fun summer experiences ever.

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