Transitioning to Overnight Summer Camps for First Time Campers

Have the Best First Overnight Camp Experience Ever

Deciding to transition to sleepaway camp can be a scary step for both you and your camper. While moving up to overnight camps for kids is part of the natural progression of growing up, it can still feel like a nerve wracking experience to say goodbye for days or weeks at a time. Sleepaway camp provides opportunities for kids to gain confidence and independence while building interpersonal skills and exploring new interests.

If you’re sending your child to sleepaway camp for the first time, you and your first time-camper may have a lot of questions and concerns. You or your camper may have questions about homesickness, making friends, what to pack, and even what kind of camp to send your child to. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to prepare you and your child for the amazing adventure that overnight summer camps for kids presents.

Know When the Timing Is Right

There is no definitive “right time” to send your child to overnight summer camp. While there is no perfect time to send your child to summer camp, there are signs that you can watch for to know when your child is ready. Practice spending time away from your child by sending them on sleepovers or weekend trips to extended family members’ houses. If they do well sleeping away from home, chances are that they are ready for overnight summer camp for kids.

If your child is actively excited about sleepaway camp, that’s a good sign that they are ready to spend time away from home. You can prepare your child by going through the packing list together, and talking about the various responsibilities of summer camp, like personal hygiene and eating well.

Get to Know the Summer Camp

One of the best ways to know if overnight camps for kids are right for your child is to actually go to a specific camp and to take a tour of the campus. If it feels right, the the samp is probably right. At Pali Adventures, the camp directors and staff are just a phone call away almost every day of the year. You can also talk to the parent liaisons, who are on call to answer questions that you may have about specific specialties and activities.

If your child has specific interests they would like to pursue over the summer, you can choose between overnight camps for kids that cater to those interests. That way, your child will have some familiarity with the activities at camp before they even arrive. At Pali Adventures, we offer a wide range of specialties—from action sports to magic, there is truly a program for every interest!

Talk to Your Child About The Awesome Adventures They Will Have at Overnight Camp

If your child is nervous about overnight summer camps for kids, focus on the positives. Reassure your little camper that they will do a great job and have a blast at camp. Overnight summer camps for kids are often a child’s first opportunity to act independently away from mom and dad, and some kids don’t realize they can do it until they are actually at camp, having a blast and making memories with new friends.

Encourage your child to embrace things that might be new to them and to enjoy making new friends – some of whom they may have for the rest of their lives. Overnight summer camp for kids can be a big step towards gaining confidence, independence, and a sense of responsibility. You may find that they return from camp acting more mature, independent, and self-assured. Be sure to tell them how proud you are of them before and after camp!

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