What is Pali Life Like the other 9 Months of the Year?

The Life of Pali

Our campers LOVE the GLORIOUS summers at Pali Adventures camp! From the morning specialty to the afternoon electives to the evening activities, the FUN never ends. While all of our amazing campers are in school, counting down for the SUMMER to start, Pali excitement never stops.

You may be asking yourself at this point; what exactly goes on at Pali Mountain when the summer ends?

Pali Institute – We bring textbooks to life!

Pali Institute is an outdoor education and science program for kids to attend with their school.  The program runs 3 to 5 days and students attend a schedule of classes in Outdoor EducationScience and Leadership. We are proud to be the only outdoor education program accredited by the Association for Experiential Education and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

The same fun that campers experience in warm weather continues year round – come snow, wind and rain.  Counselors are replaced by Institute instructors, specialties and electives are replaced by classes and activities, but it is the same zipline and high ropes courses creating incredible memories at Pali Institute.

Pali Retreat

Pali Retreat allows any group to gather in our beautiful mountain setting for a weekend getaway.  The bunks where campers sleep house groups of adults, families, and teens, and the Huck serves meals throughout the retreat.  Groups come to meet, learn and play together.  Team building, ropes challenges, beautiful vistas, as well as paintball are all available for groups to experience the same magic that campers do throughout the summer.  Oh, and don’t forget s’mores….

— YOU don’t have to wait until next summer to come back to Pali! Whether you were a Pali Adventures camper and want to come back with your school and classmates for outdoor education, or the parent of a camper, Pali can help you plan the perfect meeting event, or simply provide a great location to get away and have an adventure. Pali Mountain is a destination offering unforgettable adventures for children of all ages, families and groups.

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