What to Look for in a Summer Camp.

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In our second episode, we cover what you should look for when researching summer camps for your child, how Pali Adventures staffs for summer, and what we do in case of an emergency.  Simply enter your email below to unlock the on-demand webinar.

Q: If my kids are staying for 2 weeks will they have something to do in the day between the end of one and beginning of the next one?

Yes! The Sunday in-between sessions is a magical day for campers. While every week is different, you can look forward to a day full of fun and activities when campers leave and before the next session’s arrive. We have a special activity on Saturday night just for multi-week campers,  and an off-site activity such as bowling or going to the movie theater on Sunday.

Q: Do most campers know other kids, i.e., do friends attend together?

Some campers do opt to come with a friend or a sibling, but most of our campers do come by themselves, ready to MAKE NEW FRIENDS. You can read out blog post covering pros and cons of coming to camp with friends versus alone HERE.

Q: Can campers bring their phone? How do they communicate with parents? How often?

Campers are not permitted to use any cellular network or wifi-enabled devices while at camp. Campers can write to their parents (old fashion paper and pen) and parents can send one way emails through the Pali Portal which are printed and delivered to campers.  Parents can also send mail – letters and cards – to their campers.

Q: Can you speak to the themes?  Should campers bring items that correlate to the themes?

A list of our 2018 camp themes and their descriptions can be found ON OUR WEBSITE. We encourage campers to bring items to dress up with, especially for the end-of-session dance.

Q: Do the electives fill up?

Some of our most popular ELECTIVES do fill up. However, if a camper does want to participate in an elective that has filled, they are given the option to pre-register for another day in the future. For example, if on Monday your camper decides they want to do paintball but it is filled, they will be given the option to enroll in paintball on Tuesday.

Q: What about food brought from outside the camp?

Outside food is also not permitted at our camp.  We are a nut-free camp, and do not take any chances when it comes to the health and safety of our campers. If your camper has a food-related allergy that requires them to have a specific diet, please CONTACT one of our parent liaisons and they will be happy to work with you. Food brought to camp or sent in care packages will be confiscated.

Q: Do campers need to bring their own paintball protection or dirt bike protection, etc.

Campers are not required to bring any equipment with them for any speciality or elective. All safety equipment and materials are available at camp. If you have your own preferred equipment at home, you are more than welcome to pack and bring it with you to camp, but it is not required.

Q: What time is drop off and pick up?

Drop off on arrival day is 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, and pick up on departure day is 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. We also have transportation options available for campers traveling to airports, or any of our drop-off / pickup locations.

Q: How long should the parents expect to be at camp on check in day?

Parents can stay for as little time as just dropping off their child and leaving, or stay for up to 2 hours to walk them through the check-in process. This is dependent on your child and getting them comfortable and settled.

Q: My daughter is allergic to pork. Is this a main meat at camp?

While pork is served at camp, there are ALWAYS OPTIONS AVAILABLE for campers who have a food-related allergy. Please be sure to note all health issues in the Parent Pack, and let your camper know to ask what ingrediants are included in the meal before consuming. Delicious vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are available during every meal.

Q:How does medication check-in work if they’re using charter/airport transportation?

If your camper is utilizing one of our transportation options, great! Please be sure all your camper’s medications are in their correct and clearly labeled packaging, and one of our counselors will help them during the check-in process.

Q: Have all the parent packs been mailed out?

Parent packs for enrolled campers are being emailed out according to your camper’s session. If you have not received your Parent Pack 2-weeks after enrolling your camper,  please contact a parent liaison.

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