Why Summer Camp Is the Perfect Place to Learn Zumba

We all know that we need to exercise on a regular basis, but there are so many hurdles in the way. On some days we struggle to find time for a workout. On other days, we have time but working out simply sounds like a boring way to spend an hour. That is why so many people are turning to Zumba: an active dancing style that is built to be a full-body workout.

As with any other type of exercise, the most difficult part of Zumba is taking the leap and learning how to get started. Instead of sending your child to a class at the gym, find out why a dance summer camp like Pali Adventures is the perfect place for your child to learn Zumba.

Fun for Every Skill Level

When you’re learning a new skill or activity, it can be intimidating to be surrounded by others who have been performing that activity for years. This is especially true for kids and teens who tend to be self-conscious about their peers’ opinions. A dance summer camp can put those fears to rest.

At these camps, every camper is at a different skill level and instructors are trained in working with all skill levels at the same time. Beginners learn the essentials, and those who are more experienced will learn how to challenge themselves and boost their abilities even more.

In addition to the instructors’ versatility, campers are away from their hometowns. Instead of feeling self-conscious about learning a skill in front of kids they go to school with every day, they can enjoy learning in a more neutral environment.

Blend Dance with Creativity

During a typical Zumba class, you follow the instructor’s routine. As fun as this can be, campers have the opportunity to take it a step further at a dance summer camp. Instead of following along, your child will design their own choreography.

At the end of our campers’ experiences at Pali Adventures’ dance camp, they will be able to choreograph their own dance for our end-of-camp show, the Pali Showcase. By this point in the camp, campers have learned all the basic moves and styles, and they’ve discovered which styles and moves they enjoy most. Choreographing for themselves allows them to express themselves in a new way.

Learn from Knowledgeable Instructors

When you bring your child to a dance class at your gym, there is no telling who your instructor may be. Some may be experienced and qualified, but others may have little experience with Zumba. Most fitness instructors are also used to working with adults, not kids, so they may not know how to give your child a fulfilling and age-appropriate class.

That is not a problem at a dance summer camp. At Pali Adventures, in particular, we have a rigorous hiring process that allows us to find instructors from across the country and around the world who specialize in their subject. We also hire Zumba instructors who know how to work with kids of all ages as well as all skill levels. You can rest assured that your child will be learning from an instructor who understands their abilities and how to teach them.

Build a Zumba Friend Group at Dance Summer Camp

Every hobby is more fun when you have someone to enjoy it with. For a child or teenager, that can be difficult to find at a typical Zumba class because many of their classmates will be adults. At a dance summer camp, they won’t have that problem.

Your child’s fellow campers will be much like them: kids around their age who are interested in Zumba and dance. This is the perfect recipe to allow your child to build friendships with others who share their interests. Not only does this help your child to have more fun with their Zumba, but it encourages them to keep up with their favorite new form of exercise.

girl dancing at camp

Make Zumba One New Skill of Many

Let’s face it: no matter how much a child enjoys Zumba or other types of dance, there is only so much dancing they can handle in one day before they get bored. Fortunately, our dance summer camp goes beyond the dancefloor to help kids broaden their horizons.

As with any of our specialty camps, your child will spend each morning learning the essentials of Zumba and other forms of dance. In the afternoons, on the other hand, they’ll be able to choose from our extensive list of over 70 electives like cooking classes, ziplining, and more. 

Campers also spend their evenings enjoying classic camp entertainment like campfires. Your child gets the best of both worlds: plenty of time to explore their chosen specialty as well as the traditional camp experience.

Gain Independence Along With Zumba Skills

Speaking of giving your child more than dancing from a dance summer camp, your child will also have the opportunity to gain valuable independence and confidence during their time at camp.

We have a 1:3 counselor-to-camper ratio so there is always someone available to help, your child will have a chance to spend time away from home and will be responsible for their own basic hygiene. They’ll need to keep track of their schedule and know where they need to be and when. This can be a powerful step in a child’s growing maturity.

kids in dance studio at camp

Put Your New Skills to Good Use

As fun as it is for kids to learn Zumba and other types of dance, they’ll enjoy the experience even more if they are able to show off what they’ve learned. At Pali’s summer dance camp, they’ll get that opportunity in the form of our Pali Showcase.

At the end of the camp, campers in our dance specialty will be able to perform a dance they choreographed themselves. What better way for your child to build their confidence than to relish in the applause of their fellow campers for their newfound skills?

Learning Zumba at a Dance Summer Camp

If your child wants to learn Zumba, not all Zumba classes will give them the same experience. By giving them the gift of a dance summer camp, you’ll allow your child to hone their dance skills and learn new dance styles all while enjoying the many other benefits of a sleepaway camp.

To give your child that gift, enroll in Pali Adventures today or contact us to learn more.